Tesla Model S crashes through corner of office building in Wijchen

The nose of the Tesla Model S that crashed in Wijchen

The driver of this Model S says that she did not operate the car, but that the car automatically crashed into the office building.

A Tesla that will drive automatically and crashes. It sounds a bit strange, but that is a claim that comes up more often. Now there is another person who comes up with the same strange claim, namely the driver of this Tesla Model S.

The back of the crashed Tesla Model S.

Just after noon this Friday, the Model S hit the office of internet company Yoast. Or yes, banged… One of the corners of the building is completely pierced. The bricks that once formed a wall are now spread over the street.

The electric sedan itself also looks pretty battered. In any case, the owner can order a new hood and bumper, although there is a good chance that there is more structural damage with the Model S. For example, the headlights no longer seem to be on the same line.

Again the nose of the crashed Tesla Model S.

The ‘scariest’ damage, however, we see at the windshield. This is in fact pierced with a large block of bricks. Looking at these photos, it is unlikely that the two occupants survived without being injured. And yet – luckily – it is.

A woman and her baby were in the car. The pair were checked by ambulance personnel, but were not taken to hospital. The driver had a striking claim for the accident: the Model S suddenly started to drive fast and crashed into the company building.

Once again the back of the crashed Tesla Model S.

The police have the car towed and will technically investigate how the accident could have happened. In addition, they can have a conversation with the RDW, who has experience with crashing Teslas. It is not the first time this week that a Tesla hits the property of an entrepreneur; it was previously the turn of a Model X in Rotterdam.

Photos: Heitink news agency.


  1. brown worker says

    Very annoying glitch in those Teslas. I always suffer from that at home. The accelerator then takes my foot down and then I suddenly cruise home with 170.


    • crashingduke says

      @browner: Oddly enough, my Supra does. According to the garage, that is the injector cleaning program. I wonder what it is with a Tesla.

      • RiKe says

        @crashingduke: With a Tesla, that is to prevent rust on the electric motor

      • beer belly says

        @crashingduke: is nothing new, my ’99 micra also has this. According to the booklet to keep the tires at the right temperature, for optimal grip

      • schreute01 says

        @crashingduke: With my cars, it’s like warming up the asphalt for others.


      • kennone says

        @crashingduke: My Abarth has that to boost emissions so the trees grow better

  2. osmo says

    I think the damage to the car is actually not too bad for a vehicle that has just driven half through a house.

    • arhanso says

      That is S is total loss. The owner goes for a Cyber ​​truck. The next time he spontaneously drives through a house, he wants no damage or scratches on his car …

  3. brave says

    always very crazy that the brake does not work with these things. This reminds me of that toyota throttle snag a few years back.

    • theblazerunner says

      @dappers: Brakes work fine, but then the driver has to step on them! Toyota’s were indeed a real problem

      • drip tray says

        @theblazerunner: a Tesla’s brakes are brake by wire. If something in the software decides that gas is being given, then you have no chance. But even if it was not by wire I suspect that without good power the motor is a lot stronger than the brakes.

  4. moveyourmind says

    Who is going to drive around with a chimney on top of the windshield, then you will see nothing …

    And then be surprised that you hit something.


  5. mc96 says

    Couldn’t it be that the accelerator pedal was pressed instead of the brake?


    • bernoulli says

      Gas? No.

    • w205 says

      No because a Tesla has no accelerator.


  6. b00st says

    Woman at the wheel, broken out of the wall


  7. kevin1989 says

    Perhaps a technical error or perhaps accidentally turned on the cruise control and panicked?

    I know that the CC in a Tesla works slightly differently than other brands. When you activate the CC, the car accelerates to the allowed maximum speed and not to the speed that is currently being driven. Then of course you get such an acceleration effect.

    • bernoulli says

      But what is the maximum speed on the sidewalk and in a building according to a Tesla?

  8. bembem says

    It remains a mobile tablet

  9. eefie says

    “In any case, the owner can order a new hood and bumper, although there is a good chance that there is more structural damage with the Model S. For example, the headlights no longer seem to be on the same line.
    Should the above be fun, or is this “birthday humor”? People sometimes talk so quasi-fun there

    • 367hp says

      @eefie: I think it’s funny


      • theblazerunner says

        @ 367pk: a bit far-fetched, but that loft is a total loss anyway

    • Daddy says

      @eefie: hi-la-risch… I’ve never laughed like this

  10. yzord says

    Who drives a Tesla? Yes, sorry, but with my decades of ICT experience I know that software can do weird things and then people get into an (ugly) car full of software and electricity. Tis a kind of lotto, one of the tig can make a bang.

    No, just give me a normal car with which I decide when I hit a wall.

    • 367hp says

      @yzord: I’m not a Tesla fanboy, but every car nowadays has more software rules than a space shuttle?
      Yesterday I read in the AMS that the new Mercedes S class only has more than 30 million lines of software code in its MBux.
      You can not escape it, and almost everyone here has had “electronics” problems with their car.

      • mustang750supersnake says

        @ 367pk: these don’t seem like software problems to me… more “don’t look before you, play on your phone in a building”… .. nice mama thank you for the explanation… now you can change my underpants yourself!

      • yzord says

        @ 367pk: every car has software. Even my 205GTI had a mapping.

        The point is that those “future” cars only cause more strange crashes in the future and therefore also in the present. I don’t want that mess under my ass.

    • schreute01 says

      @yzord: my experience with ICTers is that they say that the problem is being worked on. And in the meantime, things are getting slower and slower.

    • Pascal says

      As an IT professional with also decades of experience, I drive with complete confidence in a Model 3. That is because I have a good understanding of the degree of precautions that have been taken in the software to prevent dangerous situations. The above seems to me to be 99.99999% chance of a question of wrong pedal pressing. Of course it is tempting to shout that your Tesla just ran away by itself, as Marco Bakker accidentally sat on the cruise control in that parking garage at the time. Hopefully the logs can be read.

      • rw1994 says

        @Pascal: Without a doubt, I dare to get into a Tesla. I am active as a software engineer in the automotive industry and the requirements set are such that the chance of problems is very minimal.

  11. SpiderIV says

    Is becoming a modern disease. Tesla drivers who no longer know the concept of personal responsibility.

    • Pascal says

      Exactly this. Apparently it is tempting for drivers to immediately blame a car that has self-driving functions for its own ignorance and inattention. Technology can be so beautiful, there is always a moron to find who cannot deal with it.

  12. ronaldotour says

    Probably panicked more power instead of regenerating. The chance that this is due to the car seems very small to me, but they can read everything.


  13. rob5nismo says

    A Tesla films everything from 4 angles?


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