Tesla must hack Gigafactory

Until the German court has passed judgment in any case.

Although Tesla is a lot greener than most other car manufacturers, they too are struggling with environmentalists. German tree huggers have problems with Tesla cutting down trees for the construction of their Gigafactory.

The judge has now ordered Tesla to immediately cut down. This is not immediately a reason for a party with the environmentalists. The verdict has yet to follow. The work must only be stopped until the time comes. It took only three days to complete the work and the damage would have already been done. That is why the court has stopped the activities.

The Gigafactory must be set up in Grünheide, in the German state of Brandenburg. As the name suggests, there is a lot of greenery in this area. To get rid of a gigantic factory, some afforestation will have to be cleared. Tesla wants to free up 92 hectares for the factory.

The prosecutor in this case is the Grüne Liga Brandenburg. They feel that the hood is threatening animal life and water supply. Hundreds of demonstrators have already expressed their dissatisfaction.

There are also enough Germans who welcome Tesla with open arms. The Gigafactory provides a lot of jobs, where the German car manufacturers are scrapping jobs. Various politicians also follow the developments surrounding the trial with suspicion. They want to make Germany as attractive as possible for parties like Tesla. With such a welcome you naturally do not give a good calling card as a country.

Through: Reuters


  1. frank2b says

    Welcome to Europe! 🙂

    We do things differently. It takes some getting used to …

  2. unavailable says

    What an irony ..

  3. SpeedGeek says

    Tesla is thwarted.

      • SpeedGeek says

        It will be played out by Tesla, I think.

  4. robert110 says

    This is a production forest. A forest specially planted for the production of wood or paper, similar to a corn field.
    If tesla did not want to build a factory here, everything would have been cut down. On the other hand, tesla has indicated that it will replant the trees somewhere else. So there really is nothing wrong.

    The green crazy boilers are just crazy again.

  5. moveyourmind says

    The Grüne Liga…

    Sounds like a nickname for the German automobile industry cartel.

    • jack_abarth says


      Sounds rather Tilburgs for Liga cookies “Apple Pear”.

  6. petrolhead89 says

    Techzle must hack with Teslanieuws. Can it be about real cars again? Jesus.

  7. iphonistvongates says

    Mother Earth – Tesla 1-0! 😇


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