Tesla’s Model S and X have a larger action radius

The American configurator of Tesla shows that the manufacturer has again worked on the range of several models. We welcome the “Long Range Plus”.

Tesla has a new entry-level version in America for the Models S and X. The well-known Long Range is being replaced by the Long Range Plus. This version ensures that both top models come a lot further. Please note: it concerns the American EPA figures, but the range of the Model S increases from converted 595 km to 628 km. The Model X now comes at least 565 km far, that was previously 528 km. The WLTP figures are always slightly higher. The ‘old’ Model S Long Range in our country is good for a range of 610 km.

Tesla Model S

In addition, Tesla now offers new 19-inch wheels with the Model S. The SUV must continue to do with its current 20-inch wheels. The Performance versions remain available in unchanged form. The old versions are still listed in the Dutch configurator. Tesla Netherlands does not want to say anything about a Dutch arrival. So we have to wait a while for the Long Range Plus versions.

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