The arrival of the Alfa Tonale postponed again?

Alfa Tonale postponed

Yes, the arrival of the Alfa Tonale has been postponed once again. You will now have to wait even longer for the car that you were not going to buy.

The Alfisti can always count on two things. The history of the Arese brand is particularly rich. Few car brands have such a rich history. Another certainty: better times are coming at Alfa Romeo.

That is actually always the consensus. Just under 10 years ago, the world was too small when the 159 went out of production and Alfa Romeo only had two models in its range: the Mito and the Giulietta. At the moment it is not much better, new you can only order the Giulia and Stelvio. At some dealers there are still some lost Giulietta’s and Mito’s dusting, but otherwise not much happens.

  • Alfa Tonale postponed

Alfa Tonale postponed again

All hope is pinned on a crossover, the 166 and GTV have now been killed. The Tonale was already presented as a concept to the general public a few years ago. This car should save Alfa Romeo from a premature end. It’s going to be exciting again. Because, yes, the Alfa Tonale has been postponed again. That reports AutoNews Europe.

  • Alfa Tonale postponed
  • Alfa Tonale postponed
  • Alfa Tonale postponed
  • Alfa Tonale postponed

Yes, if you are in the market for such a hip Italian crossover with Jeep genes, then you will have to wait. Incidentally, there is logic behind it. Not so long ago, FCA (to which Alfa Romeo belongs) and PSA merged into ‘Stellantis’. This concern has appointed Jean-Philippe Imparato as the new CEO of Alfa Romeo.

  • Alfa Tonale postponed
  • Alfa Tonale postponed

Drivetrain not good enough

A few months ago, Imperato took a look at the Alfa Romeo compact crossover for the first time. On that basis, he decided that the introduction of the Alfa Tonale had to be postponed for a while. The performance of the PHEV powertrain was nowhere near good enough.

  • Alfa Tonale postponed
  • Alfa Tonale postponed
  • Alfa Tonale postponed

It is quite an understandable decision in itself. Jean-Phillipe Imperato was first at the helm of Peugeot. That brand has two plug-in hybrid crossovers, the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid and HYbrid4. Those two versions perform significantly better than the Tonale would.

  • Alfa Tonale postponed

The Tonale is unlikely to get the powertrain from the Peugeot 3008 plug-in hybrid. It is (much) too late for that. Since the Tonale is on the platform of the Jeep Compass, it is likely that the small Alfa will also get those powertrains. That would mean a 1.3 FireFly engine with electric motor, together good for 190 or 240 hp. Incidentally, the name Tonale is not 100% certain, the name ‘Brennero’ is still circulating, probably at the request of Henk Wijngaard.

D.he arrival of Alfa Tonale has been postponed by approximately 3 months.


  1. harrie says

    And when the drivetrain is finally good enough, the look is dated.

  2. outlook says


  3. ericd says

    Alfa should have worked with Mazda. Then ‘we’ would already have had a spider duetto (MX5), a Giulietta (Mazda 3) and a Tonale (something between CX3 and CX5). Heck, only the forecastle would have needed updating.

  4. tjorque says

    Gosh, the umpteenth suv …
    Procrastination is a good thing in that regard.

  5. dalmore says

    Too bad, the SUV madness can no longer be stopped. Then I’d rather see them with an Alfa coach than all those VAG cans

    • dijan says

      dalmore; At least those vag cars are there. These alphas are promised 5 years and come after 7 years. If they are already out of date .. This is not about vag, but some people do everything to put a brand negative. What kind of pastry do you drive yourself?

  6. toniominestrone says

    Fortunately, postponement may lead to cancellation.



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