The atmospheric V12 will last a while!

Hoezee, Lamborghini still sees a profit in the atmospheric V12!

When the Lamborghini Aventador came out in 2012, it didn’t seem like a strange idea to equip it with an atmospheric V12. However, the car has been on the market for so long that the engine ends up in the damn corner. Mercedes is getting rid of the twelve-cylinder, BMW sees no profit in it and that is how it ends with many brands. Sooner or later, brands like Lamborghini or Ferrari, which even use a naturally aspirated twelve-cylinder, will have to move away from the V12.

Lamborghini not yet

So the question is what Lamborghini will do now that the Aventador will be succeeded. We look at the Sián, then we see on the one hand that the V12 can be jacked up perfectly, but also that the Sián does not sketch a successor to the Aventador.

Still, fans of atmospheric V12s can breathe a sigh of relief: the next Aventador will get an atmospheric V12. That made technical director Maurizio Reggiani known Car and Driver. The new Aventador, which will arrive next year, will continue to use basically the same engine as the current one. That is good news.


The decision was made to emphasize the character of the thickest Lamborghini. It is too difficult to make it a real Lamborghini without keeping the engine atmospheric. Reggiani says turbos were originally explained to him as ‘cheating’. “You can get any amount of horsepower from turbos. What makes a naturally aspirated engine so beautiful is that it is a challenge to build the engine properly. ” In addition to the well-known disadvantages that a turbo entails, such as a turbo lag.


For those who now take this article to print their face in your favorite GroenLinks voter: there must be a green border on it. The atmospheric V12, like the Sián, will receive some form of electrification. Sounds like a way to throw away the whole purist aspect, but according to Reggiani that offers possibilities. “Where there is a shortage of torque, an electric motor can fill the gaps nicely.”

Staying close to the atmospheric V12, so. Or is atmospheric no longer an issue if you make it partly electric?


  1. often you’re too scared says

    OK then. He thinks turbos are cheating, but adding an electric motor doesn’t. This gentleman has strange rules of the game.

  2. arnoldh says

    In this way, the delicious V12 whine continues to exist. Prefer a battery on board than a turbo 👍🏻

  3. bramboogie says

    just call sweden and ask if they can use them freevalve… also makes a difference.

  4. escort77 says

    You can find anything about the sound, but the disadvantage of a turbo lag really no longer has to exist in 2020.

    • bramboogie says

      The linear power build-up throughout the revs and the pure sound (whine?) Has something special about it. A turbo can give more torque with very limited delay (not noticeable), but I understand that they continue without a turbo… because they can. It’s also a bit absurd which also goes well with lamborghini.


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