The best sleeping position: how to find it

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Finding the right sleeping position is particularly important for healthy sleep. We will introduce you to different sleeping positions and give you tips on how to find out which of them suits you best.

Which sleeping positions are there?

The correct sleeping position leads to a good night’s sleep and thus to a better well-being. Which position is preferred when sleeping differs according to age, gender and Body mass index (BMI).

But even if you were to assign yourself to a certain sleeping position, everyone automatically changes this position unconsciously several times during sleep. However, more extensive scientific research is needed to learn more about it.

There are three sleeping positions:

  • Lateral position: One Norwegian study according to more than half of adult people sleep on their side.
  • Supine position: The supine position is the second most popular sleeping position after the side position.
  • Prone position: With only seven percent, the prone position is considered the least popular sleeping position.

But be careful: During pregnancy recommends make sure not to sleep on your back. This could have a negative effect on movements and the heartbeat of the embryo. The best position for pregnant women is on the side.

Tips for finding the right sleeping position

Health-friendly natural bedding can have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep.
Health-friendly natural bedding can have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / StockSnap)

Finding the best sleeping position is not always easy. The following tips can help you.

  • Take pain seriously: Do you regularly wake up with back and neck pain or do you snore every night? These could be clues that you are sleeping in the wrong position. It can help you try different positions.
  • Correct pillow: Your Pillow shouldn’t be too high or too low. Otherwise you have to expect discomfort in the shoulder and neck area the next morning. This is then because the cervical vertebra is in an incorrect position moved becomes. There are also pillows in different shapes that adapt to the different sleeping positions.
  • Suitable mattress: It also applies to the right one mattress for you to find. The effects of a good mattress should not be underestimated: after all, it can, according to studies, on the one hand Back pain alleviate and on the other hand positively stress impact. You should try out whether a hard, soft mattress or an interim solution is right for you.

Also: We recommend you sleep sustainably With Organic pillows and Organic duvets and to use textiles from ecological and fair production. These are often not only more durable, but can also ensure an improved quality of sleep because you avoid harmful substances.


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