The bizarre car stories of Diego Maradona

Diego “El DiezMaradona left us at the age of 60. The legendary footballer leaves a bizarre car story behind.

The news must have reached you: Diego Maradona passed away today at the age of 60. A football player is not necessarily important to us car people. But some of the extraordinary stories that have emerged from Maradona’s life deserve a small anthology.

Porsche 924

We start at the literal beginning. The Porsche 924 is the first car Diego Maradona owned. He bought it second-hand. The specification of the car was special, a brown body with a two-tone brown interior.

This is just to warm up and get a clear start. The car was bought in 1980 when Maradona was 19 years old in Argentina. He did not have the Porsche for a long time: in 1982 El Diez joined FC Barcelona and moved to Spain. The 924 has since seen a ton of collectors, one of which once wanted to sell it for $ 500,000. Bizarre prices for a 924.

Fiat Europe 128

Let us outline the picture for you: you are a young football player and you have just signed with FC Barcelona. Most football players then afford a large car. Maradona allowed himself… a modest Fiat 128. He bought this in Spain as a new car. Proof that Maradona was on the one hand a petrolhead, on the other hand just drove what he was served. He later also owned a Renault Fuego, a Ford Sierra (XR4) and a MINI Cooper.

Ferrari Testarossa and the F40 story

Then the really nice stuff. In 1987 Diego Maradona played in Italy, with SSC Napoli. In the land of Ferrari it was time for a Ferrari. Maradona wanted a Testarossa in black. No sooner said than done, until the message of the black order arrives il Commendatore Enzo Ferrari ended up with himself. The latter thought that every Ferrari should be red. But Maradona was determined and suggested that the Testarossa be carried out Glasurit Nero Metallic. But then Maradona had the only non-red Ferrari, besides Sylvester Stallone. The Rocky actor also wanted one in black.

There is another story that Maradona did / did not show interest in an F40. However, he noticed that the car had no door trim and no radio on board. Businessman Guillermo Coppola, who negotiated for El Diez, could, according to Maradona, put the car in his rear due to this lack of luxury.

Scania 113H

Perhaps the most bizarre vehicle a footballer has ever owned: a purebred Scania 113H with the American-styled torpedo nose. Of course there is also a story behind this. We write 1993 when Maradona has returned to his home country Argentina. We write 1994 when Maradona is suspended from the World Cup that year. The Argentinian is becoming a hot item for journalists who follow him to every training where El Diez shows up. He made sure to keep appearing in different cars, but that wasn’t enough either. The solution was the extremely high seat of the Scania 113H. “Handsome journalist who now gets a nice picture of me”.

Overcomer Hunta

More recently, Diego Maradona kept it more modest with some cars that are normal for football players. Rolls-Royces, a BMW i8, you know them. One more bizarre mode of transport that Maradona got into his possession was an Overcomer Hunta. This is a 4 × 4 or amphibious vehicle for the roughest of the rough terrains. Why? As a playful act to herald his arrival at Dinamo Brest, in Belarus.


  1. benja01 says

    If all the testarossas were supposed to be red, how did they manage it with Miami vice?

    • petroll drinker says

      @ benja01: that “testarossa” is built on a corvette as far as I know …

      • often you’re too scared says

        @petroldrinker: absolutely nothing is right. A Corvette-based Daytona replica has been used in Miami Vice. This was so offensive to Ferrari that at some point it only started supplying Testarossas to the series. It doesn’t seem like an easy task to me to build a more or less convincing mid-engine car on the platform of a Corvette for the C8.

    • topless says

      Ferrari has made a black available for Miami Vice. It was then sprayed white to get a better picture in night scenes.

      But Testarossas were originally supplied in many different colors.

  2. moveyourmind says

    Very cool thing that Overcomer Hunta. At least that’s a real off-road vehicle.

    And an almost real boat.


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