The Collectables – BMW M5 Touring

A supercar disguised as a practical station. The BMW M5 Touring is best brought home and your petrolhead friends will be happy to go for a walk with you.

The heart of the car is what makes the BMW M5 (Touring) so special. Under the hood you will find the famous S85 ten-cylinder, which pumps out 507 hp and 520 Nm. The V10 spins more than 8,000 revolutions per minute, something that as a petrolhead you must have experienced at least once your life. The sound is so incredibly cool inside and out.

BMW sells considerably more Tourings than the sedan of the 5-series in Europe. The opposite is true for the M5: of the 20,589 M5s built, 19,564 were sedans and only 1,025 M5 Touring. Only 803 of these are left-hand drive, which makes the BMW M5 Touring (E61) a rare sight.

Bid on this one Interlagos blue BMW M5 Touring can be done until Wednesday 21 October 8:30 pm via The Collectables

BMW M5 Touring E61 Interlagos blue is an online auction platform. For cars that you not necessary but want to have. Techzle is a partner of The Collectables.



  1. fabian1978 says

    Had it, loved it, sold it đŸ™‚ I always drove with a squeezed buttocks (as long as it doesn’t break….). Was really happy with it as Touring. Beautiful car, great engine and despite its weight he could keep up with / stay ahead of the group for a day in Eiffel! Impressive car and certainly a collectable.


  2. str8six says

    One of the sexiest cars that BMW has released over the past 15 years. Top!

  3. six-in-line says

    What a great color this is!

  4. Jan says

    I really liked this car, it was perfect for long car trips with family and it also looked and felt great while driving. But maintenance was a different story… so I looked for something else.

  5. frank2b says

    Definitely a brilliant car. But just a BMW. And you see it on every street corner.
    So Collectable? I fear a little less for me.

    • frederik says

      @ frank2b: Well, anyone who knows a little about cars will recognize this as something special.

      • christian85 says

        @frederik: Knowing something about cars does not mean that everyone finds it special. I see it as a fun car but also as a pumped-up 5-series touring and therefore not special for me.

    • base race says

      @ frank2b: and how many of them have a 6 in line, v8 or even a v10? This is really something special … especially in this color: wow!


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