The demand for the Tesla Model S and Model X is very high

Tesla Model S.

The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are a bit long on the teeth. Still, the demand for the models is high, according to the man who should know.

Tesla’s stock price is currently falling a little bit. In itself no wonder, because in recent months the value of a bit faster than a Falcon X rocket rose just after lift off. So long the stimulus continues to flow abundantly, the price will probably get stuck somewhere on the way down or rebound and rise even further. What is useful for the latter is generating a bit of news that fans of the genre brand can be enthusiastic about.


You can leave something like that to Elon Musk. The shrewd businessman is not averse to a little attention and knows how to claim it every time without spending big dollars on marketing. For example, you may have heard that Elon recently bought some bitcoins. However, some of his disciples didn’t like that at all. They prefer to see positive messages that have more to do with Tesla’s true core business: one technologybe a car company.

Model S and Model X snowed under?

Well, you’re looking for Elon running. After the production line of the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S was shut down a little longer than a traditional Christmas break in December, some doubted the demand for Tesla’s toppers. Between the violence of the Model 3, Model Y and the efforts to make the Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster a reality, those models had secretly become less popular.


The cars have recently been given a major facelift including a significantly renewed interior with a Nightrideresque steering wheel. Elon Musk now claims that the demand for the models is again so great that he wants to insert an extra shift in the factory to produce more Model Ss and Model Xs. He implores in an email his employees even recommend buddies who could possibly do the job.

Model S / X production lines are almost done with the retooling and will be aiming for max production next quarter. There is high demand, so we are soon going to need to go back to two shifts. Please recommend friends for recruiting.

Elon Musk, job creator

Profitable units

The Model S and Model X, despite accounting for a relatively modest share of total sales (around 10%), are important to Tesla. This is because a relatively large profit is made on every car. In addition, the toppers in the range are of course the models that give your brand extra cachet.

Do you think Elon is telling the hard truth? Or will it be a difficult road for the Model S and Model X from here? Let us know, in the comments!

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  • The demand for the Tesla Model S and Model X is very high

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  1. Charles Taycan 4S says

    How beautiful he is that front Tesla! 😜😜👍


    • moveyourmind says

      You will probably think I’m a Porsche fanboy, but I prefer the Taycan behind it a hundred times.

    • frederik says

      @Charles Taycan 4S: Well it’s true!

  2. piedlourd says

    Aber zechshunderd kilo zu schwer, mon pote.

    • Charles Taycan 4S says

      @piedlourd, no owner is bothered by the extremely low center of gravity, only people with a piedlourd … 😉

  3. alfapeter says

    To be fair, although I don’t like the S (neither the Taycan, by the way), it is still a timeless model and the interior has really improved. I don’t expect Tesla to grow much, but they will keep their share of the market, the growth of that market will probably be filled by the other players.

    • s2000vtec says

      The Porsche is the lesser for a much higher price. So should hardly sell rationally.


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