The “forbidden” BMW M3 Touring has a price

You can have an M3 Touring, but you don’t have to turn to BMW.

Choices and concessions. Since cars such as the BMW X2, Mercedes A-Class Sedan and Audi Q2 exist, you would say that no concessions are made with these three brands. Does anyone want it? Probably. Put it on the market then.

At Mercedes there is apparently enough enthusiasm for both fast station wagons and sedans. The C-Class can be ordered in both body styles. Both Audi and BMW make correct choices here. With the RS4, Audi only gives you the option to order it as an Avant. BMW does it the other way around: on the M3 it is precisely the sedan that is designated as the only one. A thoroughbred M3 Touring is not there, and does not seem to be coming in the near future.


That is a pity, but help is at hand. Alpina is a company BMW has been receiving good help from for decades. This tuner, which has grown into a whole series of its own models, grabs BMWs and makes them stylish and better. They change so much that you are no longer talking about a “tuned BMW”. No, you are talking about an Alpina. Yesterday, when we mobilized Techzle Investigation Wanted to track down this Alpina B6 Gran Coupé, we also gave you two VIN numbers: those of the Alpina B6 and the 6 Series Gran Coupé that it once was. Bright? Beautiful.

B3 Touring Allrad

The latest addition to the Alpina range is the “forbidden fruit”. In fact, of the BMW G20 generation on which Alpina bases itself, there is no M3 at all. You could now see the Alpina B3 as an enhanced M340i, because it is there as a Touring. However, the B3 is different, by using the new six-in-line that you find in the current X3 M.

The Alpina B3 Touring Bi-Turbo Allrad therefore delivers a little more spice than the M340i. 462 hp and 700 Nm, to be precise. Thanks to its four-wheel drive, the station wagon shoots from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds. Not bad: these numbers give the car the nickname “M3 Touring but different”

Alpina has the new B3 Touring in the configurator recorded and so perhaps we know the most important thing: what does it cost? From 85,000 euros, but that’s in Germany. The car is already chock full as standard, but Alpina offers you some decoration. If you do your best, there can be around 35,000 euros in options. With delivery costs you end up at 118,050 euros.

Comparison of the Netherlands

What’s the use of it in the Netherlands? Then we have to count as quickly. The standard BMW M340i costs 64,150 euros in Germany: 80,875 euros in the Netherlands. A difference of just over 15,000 euros. So expect that you are here for no less than 100,000 euros finished the Alpina B3 Touring.


    Techzle wrote:

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  1. driving jerk says

    Does “M3 touring” deliver a lot of hits with Google or something? What a strange title.

  2. mercedesbenze350cdi says

    So dressed like in Germany for 118k here he is about 150k. And that still for “only a 3 series”.

  3. john deer says

    Beautifully executed in green i.c.m. the 4 × 5 spoke wheels!

  4. tvklarenbosch says

    Pooh, if I had the money, I would know!

  5. thomasthomas says

    1 man works at Alpina for a long time. He colors the cars green and sometimes blue, then he checks whether the rims fit again this time. Earlier in his younger years he sometimes made his hands dirty by drilling up an engine. But he is now too old for that at noon, he only chips them now.

    • 640 grancoupe says

      @thomasthomas: If you had immersed yourself in what Alpina does then you would not do much nonsense.

        • 640 grancoupe says

          @ olivier420: No Fortunately not. Also do not understand what you have to do with it because selling is hopeless and the valuable parts are all marked. Flight car ??

  6. fatihsolak says

    Very nice, just a pity that they take over a standard bumper and stick an Alpina piece on it instead of their own design

  7. bart1976 says

    £ 68,000 in the UK (€ 80,000)

  8. dwfc says

    With the growing number of youngtimers in NL according to this editorial you will encounter him within 15 years.

  9. cart stallion says

    Do you still get a discount on your bpm for a green car?

  10. bsxc2 says

    Prefer a 745th for this price.

  11. moveyourmind says

    Expensive, but to lick your fingers. What a picture in this version.

  12. bmwfe says

    Just for the record: Alpina is registered in Germany as a car producer and not as a tuner.

    • 640 grancoupe says

      @bmwfe: Also in NL. On my license plate is Alpina and no BMW.

  13. screagle says

    Bargain if you know what an Alpina is. Most of them are not here, I think let alone that they have had the pleasure of driving one.


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