The most expensive RS6 in Europe is an old acquaintance

most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe

With the most expensive RS6 in Europe you will certainly stand out. You may also be better off skiing or using your PIN card.

It is very clever how Audi has profiled itself with the RS6. Where the R8 supercar with atmospheric V10 hardly seems to get any attention, everyone is in love with the Audi RS6.

The RS6 is so popular on the internet that the car is even available in the United States. That is really well done, because station wagons are rarely unpopular there. . However, Audi has changed the recipe of the RS6. The first generation was very unobtrusive and understated thick. The car became more striking and therefore more popular with each generation.

most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe

Jon Olsson

It is not going to be more striking than this most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe. Or you have to use it for a ram raid and set it ablaze. Experts have already seen that this car is ‘Léon’, Jon Olsson’s ex-car. It is a copy taken care of by ABT. At least, the appearance was done by ABT. The car has been tickled by Stertman Motorsport to 850 hp. Initially the intention was to achieve 1,000 hp with hybrid turbos, but it never got to that.

  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe

Price most expensive RS6 in Europe

So if you wish this ex-Olsson RS6 before it is (undoubtedly) stolen again, we have good news. Léon is for sale! As we already reveal in the headline, it is the most expensive Audi RS6 in all of Europe. With a price of 349,000 euros, the car is considerably more expensive than a completely new one. Remarkable, because his tuned Lamborghini Huracán had become considerably less valuable. Perhaps it is an idea to wait. Because in many cases, the Ollson mobiles drop enormously in value. Opportunism is no stranger to traders.

  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe
  • most expensive Audi RS6 in Europe

The car is for sale in Spain. If you want to import it to the Netherlands, there will be a large scoop of BPM first. For the right context, a new standard Audi RS6 costs 192,404.84 euros in the Netherlands.

watch here the advertisement for Ollson’s old car!


  1. The Stig NL says

    But why does he always get rid of his cars so quickly?

    • omarrs6 says

      What I understand from his video is that if you get a good offer, you shouldn’t refuse it. That was also the case with his previous RS6

    • vbarchetta says

      @ 00carguy00: he does not want to drive for l * l himself, although bad taste is also taste….

    • basman147 says

      Good for the clicks on YouTube etc?
      Imagine that you regularly have to show something new there to be viewed. “Jon Olsen has a new supercar” probably does better than “I’m still happy with my RS6 after 200,000 km”.
      And if you have a smart tax approach and do everything in the name of a BV, you don’t even have to cost a lot, I’m guessing.

      • flatsix010 says

        @ basman147: Just like all YouTubers do. Buying on the premises, creating and selling content / views / money with it. If you do that well, you have earned money behind the line and a nice car.

      • florid says

        @ basman147: If he were someone who got big from YouTube, I would have agreed. However, this guy already has money like shit, and was already driving around in such bins for YT. As told elsewhere here, he does not mind giving up if a good offer is made.

    • petroll drinker says

      @ 00carguy00: because he likes to change cars often? Not everyone drives their car for 4 years or let alone drive up (I have been driving mine for almost 2 years now, which is really a long time for me, and even if it shows withdrawal symptoms due to lack of buying cars 😅🤣 who knows, he also has such a virus

  2. no 1234 says

    Is not the most expensive in Europe at all, if you have real money you can buy mine the most expensive in Europe for only € 1.5kk.


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