The most useful Siri Shortcuts for Google apps

Google’s apps work with Siri Shortcuts, including the standard YouTube app. But other apps also work with it, such as Google Drive.

With Siri Shortcuts you can automate certain tasks and create your own Siri voice commands. Google offers also a series of voice commands, so that you can quickly search a video in YouTube or find a file with Google Drive. We list the options.

Google apps with Siri Shortcuts

Google indicates that a large number of apps work together with Siri Shortcuts, including YouTube and Google Drive. By setting the Siri Shortcut, you can go to the YouTube search function with a single voice command. Depending on the app you will find the option to enable this via the settings. In YouTube you can find this for example here:

  1. Open YouTube and tap your profile icon at the top right.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the heading Siri quick couplings.
  4. Choose an assignment that you want to add and adjust the activation sentence if necessary.

YouTube Siri Shortcuts.

With the Google Drive app you will find the option via the menu and then Settings> Siri shortcuts. You may need to use the app more often before you see the options. Once you have added the Siri command you have chosen, all you have to do is activate Siri and say the set sentence.


These are the options with YouTube:

  • Search on YouTube: Opens the YouTube app directly on the search page.
  • Search YouTube by voice search: Opens the YouTube app directly and starts a voice search.
  • Open subscriptions page: Quickly view your account subscriptions page for new videos.

Google Drive Siri Shortcuts.

Drive, Gmail and Google app

These are the options with the other apps:

  • Search in Drive: Opens the Google Drive app so that you can search for files immediately.
  • Search with Google: Opens the Google app for a quick search.
  • Send e-mail: Create a new e-mail in the Gmail app.

Also view our overview with the best Siri Shortcuts apps, for even more useful tips and apps that work together with the Assignments app.


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