The new Nissan Note is here, but it’s not

The new Nissan Note is proverbial here. However, the real thing here is not.

A car type can be very situational popular. A good example of this is the midi MPV. Small cars where smart use is made of space and something we have seen more recently: a high seat.

Become extinct

Whether you take the Renault Modus, Peugeot 1007, Ford B-Max, Toyota Verso-S, Opel Meriva, Kia Venga or Hyundai ix20: in all cases this was a good selling car for the brand in question about ten years ago. , just to be swept away today. And in any case, there is an SUV alternative for the car. This also applies to the Nissan Note.

Nissan Note

The Nissan Note perfectly describes a buyer’s wish in this segment. The first Note (E11) will be introduced in 2004. Under the skin it is a Micra, but with expanded dimensions. This results in a compact package, while inside there is a lot of space. And important: a high seat. The car does not stand out in the street scene, but there is still an eye for a little bit of style. What about the rear lights that continue on the roof, or the special Nickelodeon version. It never gets really sexy, but not getting shot is always wrong.

The first generation celebrated the Note’s heyday with nearly a million units sold. Not bad and proof that this segment was not created for nothing.


In 2012 Nissan came up with the Invitation Concept and this became the second Note (E12) at the end of that year. The same idea with a slightly bolder look, without making a strange design statement. However, it was not the Note that the first cracks of the success were visible. No, that was due to the Qashqai and Juke, who took over the buyers of the Note from the 10s.

In 2017, the curtain fell for the Note in Europe. Nobody saw the thing anymore and therefore the Note e-POWER went wrong. This was a plug-in hybrid version of the Note sold in Japan. The US held on for a while with the Versa Note, but that too gives the pipe to Maarten. Only Japan got it, because surprisingly enough the world operates the other way around there. People there are still enthusiastic about the Note: according to Nissan itself, it is the best-selling Nissan in the homeland. There, the new Note also got a green edge with the arrival of the e-POWER hybrid.

New Note

A long intro: the order of the day is a new Nissan Note. The E13 generation of the car will see if the concept of the Note can last for a while.

In terms of looks it is simple: we see something here and there Leaf and here and there some Ariya. It’s part of the new Timeless Japanese FuturismNissan design language. In terms of positioning, it is also a well-known recipe: a small MPV dancing tightly on the line between B and C segments.

The interior is ready to go again, with the new Nissan steering wheel, a large touchscreen and a digital instrumentation.

Always e-POWER

Then the technical changes. The most important thing is that the Note will always be delivered as e-POWER. That is – at the moment – the only engine choice for the Nissan Note. It concerns the EM47 electric motor coupled to the HR12DE 1.2 three-cylinder. An engine that we have only known in the Note. The evolution of the e-POWER drivetrain is translated into, among other things, a new system that charges the battery smartly. In principle, you have the electric mode available whenever you want.

To order

You can therefore only order in Japan. It will be launched there soon with a starting price of converted 16,332 euros. Should the Note go back to Europe if it is possible with a hybrid version?


  1. rogerzz says

    Ladieeess hoooold youuuuur orgasms. If you do copy your homework, try not to make it look like a bulging narrow Lemon. The interior is very good for the segment, which is worth a compliment.

    But 16k in Japan, that’s after BPM, VAT, import costs / EU tax, logistics costs, CO2 tax, isn’t it 30k in the Netherlands? And while the demand is there I think, a small hybrid. Long live the bpm / vat / co2 doubler. Sigh.

    • Esprit_de_Flandre says

      @rogerzz: I don’t see a Citroën in it, this Note is too boring for that. Nissan has become much too careful in terms of design these days …

  2. g60gti says

    Dashboard reminds me of the wave 8


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