The Rocket does not think Lewis Hamilton is knightly

Hamilton Knight

Lewis Hamilton is soon knighted in the United Kingdom. But not everyone is pleased with this.

The time has finally come. After equaling the record number of F1 world titles held by Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton will soon be elevated to the knighthood by Her Majesty The Queen. Quite an honor, as only two British F1 heroes preceded Lil ‘Lewis, Sir Jackie Stewart and the late Sir Stirling Moss. You don’t just get two taps on the shoulders with the sword of the Queen. A very shadowy process precedes this. It’s like the balloting committee at the chic tannis club, only British and therefore just a bit more serious.

Ranks and positions

In British ranks and culture you must be nominated by letter by at least two people to become a knight. As a knight you are not only a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, but you also transcend the mob like David Coulthard, Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell. They do not get further than an MBE (member), OBE (Officer) and CBE (Commander) respectively. Only at the next step above, the so-called Knight Bachelor, you can get yourself one Sir to mention. Lewis was already an MBE, but is now becoming one Sir.

The Rocket

Snooker hero Ronnie O’Sullivan disagrees, however. Well, we should probably first explain who that is to most who have not ever accidentally fell into a game of snooker while hoping for Match of the Day on TV. Ronnie, nickname The Rocket because of his fast playing style, he is a snooker player and perhaps the best ever.

Snooker here is something we once do for fun in a cafe, but in the UK it’s a serious sport. So serious that his achievements make Ronnie an OBE, just like Damon Hill, for example. However, he thinks it is great that Lewis is now much higher in the ranking. According to the 44-year-old, Hamilton is not necessarily knightly. With quality publication The Daily Star notes O’Sullivan:

My own career wouldn’t mean much if I had been playing with bigger pockets than my opponents. I think it’s difficult to say where he is. A lot of the sports I watch… the people that have done it, you have to look whether it’s a level playing field. If you have a car that is going a second a lap quicker than the other cars, in theory all he has to beat is his team-mate Bottas – who seems to be comfortable and happy playing second fiddle. It doesn’t mean as much as say a sport like tennis with Federer playing everyone on a level playing field, or Kipchoge running against everyone on a level playing field.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, knows how to hit balls well

Whose deed. Do you agree that Lewis is overrated by his all-powerful Mercedes? Or did you let Ronnie keep his mouth shut? Let us know, in the comments!


  1. nord says

    The force majeure of Mercedes has therefore been bought.

  2. Jochempie says

    He’s right. Regardless of whether the force majeure was bought from Mercedes, Lewis is in the fastest car.

  3. Henk says

    King Ronnie has ghosts

  4. joki says

    Ronnie, a genius to watch play, but I notice that he wants to have an opinion on quite a lot lately. I think he’s getting a little old …

  5. often you’re too scared says

    O’Sullivan has always been nicely spoken and in a way he has a point here. But comparing sports and disciplines with each other is always difficult, and perhaps also pointless. Just let Ronnie be happy with his own unprecedented amount of raw talent in his own sport, with which he can completely wipe other players off the table even if he is not at all in it or his head is not even at it. Two more Crucible titles and he’s the undisputed GOAT, and then that knighthood will come.

  6. reactive says

    He has a good point. I do think that in addition to driving the best car, Hamilton is also the best driver.

    But it is a bit sad for a sportsman to give such a sneer because someone is entitled to a knight and you are not.

  7. amghans says

    O’Sullivan has a point. Anyway, it is a rearguard discussion, the decision to knight Hamilton has apparently already been taken.

  8. F36GC says

    “Hey Ronnie: nice and important what you think of it!”


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