There are thousands of “good” Chevrolet Corvette C7 models for sale

With a good Corvette we don’t mean the Corvette C8 for now.

It is one of the largest automotive hits of the moment. The new Corvette “C8”. By “C8” we do not mean the successor to the Citroen Evasion, but the eighth generation of the Corvette. But don’t worry if you prefer the seventh generation, there are still some thousands of for sale.


The most special thing about the Chevrolet Corvette C8 is of course the placement of the engine. At Chevrolet, they have been referring to a Corvette with a mid-engine for some time, but now it’s finally time. Now there are many people raving about it. It may be personal, but the undersigned can hardly get used to it. That layout dynamically offers quite a few advantages, but the looks are not included.

Long nose

The Corvette should have a long nose with a short back. It is what makes the car so recognizable. The Corvette C8 now looks like a Vietnamese Ferrari rip-off with Corvette characteristics. The car does everything well, but the melted Ferrari looks do not really help the Corvette. Mass behind the front doors in particular looks very awkward, as if the normally trained Corvette has acquired some armbands.

New old models

If you feel the same way and look for a Chevrolet Corvette C7: there are still a lot of them for sale. Only in the United States alone are there around 2,600 copies waiting for a first owner. Of course, they are no longer the most modern cars, but a powerful V8 in combination with a good chassis never gets “over the date”.

Model range


Chevrolet apparently still has a lot of trouble getting rid of them. That is why they are offered with huge discounts. For example, on a Corvette Z06 you get a discount of € 8,000. On a “normal” Stingray that is around 6,000 euros. If you live in the US and trade in a Corvette: you will receive an extra bonus of 2,750 euros because you are such a nice and loyal customer.

Grand Sport

The Netherlands

The sale of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 continues steadily. At the moment everyone (who does not like beautiful proportions, apparently) is waiting for the new type. Last year about 6,000 of them were for sale. The sale applies in principle only for the US. Although the Corvette Stingray is able to drive very economically, the car has an insanely high CO2 fine.

Corvette Z06 Z07


  1. station wagon says

    So basically it is 8 get 7 pay.
    I wouldn’t do it, but there are probably people with emotions like “the last real Corvette bla bla”, who are sensitive to such offers.

  2. rikv99 says

    Never driven in such a thing but would prefer to have a C7 rather than a C8 because of the looks alone.

  3. berlinetta says

    The Vietnamese Ferrari look is indeed exactly the feeling I have with the C8. It just looks a bit cheap.

  4. p3r0x says

    Was the engine of the C7 not already behind the front axle? Would then also be a mid-engine …

    • ronaldotour says

      @ p3r0x: Well, to call the Corvette a mid-engine now goes a long way.


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