These are the 15 thickest sports sedans of the 90s

Mercedes-Benz 500 E (W124) '91

The thickest, coolest and coolest Autobahn guns, with room for the family. These are the thickest sports sedans of the 90s.

The Lotus Omega has left a special impression on many petrol heads. A relatively simple Omega who swept the floor with all the fast stuff from Germany. The impact of the Lotus Omega can hardly be underestimated. It was a rare but fast sedan of the 90s and partly because of that the Lotus Omega has an ever-legendary status.

The Lotus Omega was so fast that parliamentary questions were asked about it in the British House of Commons. The Lotus Omega would be irresponsibly fast. The Lotus Omega was not equipped with a limiter and ran smoothly at 280 km / h. That is actually part of the story, because the top speed could have been higher if the last gear were not that crazy. We will illustrate how fast the Lotus Omega is with a list. Purely for learning and for entertainment, of course.

Alpina B10 Biturbo (E34) ’89

Of course we are going to cheat a bit, because then we end up with the really rare projects. The Alpina B10 is not a tuned M5. The basis for the B10 Biturbo is the legendary M30 six-in-line. This block was subsequently handled by Alpina. Think of a new fuel system (Bosch), new pistons (Mahle) and two T25 turbos (Garett). The result: 355 hp and 520 Nm. With this, Alpina had created a car that was faster than the M5, albeit in a completely different way. In fact, the hardware and design are very similar to those of the Lotus Omega. In terms of performance it didn’t matter much, on paper the Alpina was just a bit faster.

Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo (E34) "89

Lotus Omega “90

This is where it all started. Two things were really special about the Lotus. First, the basis: that was a relatively simple Omega 3000. Not that you had to be ashamed of it, on the contrary. But it was just like a 530i competitor, not an M5 counterpart. The Omega makes complete mince from the M5. At that time it had 315 hp, the Omeg 377 pieces. Then we are not even talking about the maximum torque, because thanks to the double turbo, the Omega was also the master in that area.

Lotus Omega '90

Mercedes-Benz 500 E (W124) “90

This was the big competitor of the Lotus Omega. Perhaps not directly in terms of target group. The Lotus Omega was for the eccentric with a sense of humor. The 500 E was much more serious. The 500 E comes from the time that AMG was “only” a tuner. The 500 E was built by Porsche, which could well use an assignment in that period. The 5.0 engine came from the SL500 and was good for 326 hp in the 500 E. The 500 E was no faster than the Lotus Omega, but it felt like it was built from one lump of granite, in contrast to the brittle Lotus.

Mercedes-Benz 500 E (W124) '91

Callaway C9 Supernatural SS ’94

A thick sedan is now being built in the United States. The 90s were not too good. Most of them were extremely boring sedans with large V6 engines that hardly produced any power on the front wheels. It was a sad period. The thickest that came out of the factory was the Chevrolet Impala SS, which was a kind of sporty Caprice Classic. With 260 hp, it delivered too little for this list. Fortunately, there was also a short period that Callaway built Supernatural SS. Reeves Callaway already did the Supernatural conversions for the Corvette and since the Impala SS had an LT1 V8 from the Corvette, that was no problem at all. The result: 404 hp! Callaway is a brilliant tuner: tires, springs, dampers, brakes and the like have been adjusted, but the appearance has not been affected.

Callaway Supernatural SS C9 '94

BMW M5 (E34) ’94

Ok, when the Lotus Omega came out, the BMW M5 (E34) was equipped with a 3.6 liter engine with 315 hp. At the end of 1991 the M5 was equipped with a 3.8 liter S38B38 engine, good for 340 hp. In 1994 the five-speed tank was replaced by a six-speed tank. Still not enough, but if you kept the engine up to speed (which went better with the six-speed gearbox), you could keep the Lotus Omega fairly well.

BMW M5 LCI 6-Course (E34) '94

Jaguar XJR Manual (306) ’94

The Jaguar XJR is going to disturb the German party. The first generation XJR were special, but from 1994 came the new generation that was considerably faster. This was due to the use of a 4.0 six-in-line with Eaton supercharger. With 326 hp, the car was not the strongest in its draft, but the torque (512 Nm) made up for a lot. It was very special that you could order this sedan with a manual transmission. The Getrag manual gearbox had five movements. Now just look for a Jaguar. In 1998 there was a V8 with supercharger. This was only available with the Mercedes machine.

Jaguar XJ-R Manual (X306) "94

Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG (W124) ’94

In the 1980s, the Hammers from AMG were the most brutal sedans. In the early 1990s it was the 500 E (in 1993 renamed E 500). The ultimate brutal fat man is this E60 AMG. A V8 drilled up to 6.0 with 381 hp. The basis was the E 500, but with more speed and uberholprestige. Although the latter was relatively better than expected, because this variant was also particularly incognito. That is different nowadays. The E60 AMG is perhaps the coolest of the coolest versions of the W124.

Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG (W124) '93

HSV GTS R HRT Optimized (US) ’95

The Australians can also participate for a while. Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) was just starting to get started in the 90s. They came with everything: from sports packages to special homologation models. The HSV GTS R was an extra brutal, heavy and fast version of the HSV GTS, which in turn was a fast Holden Commodore SS. Under the bright yellow hood we find a 5.7 liter V8 with this Honey Badger, which manages to mobilize around 315 hp and a lot of (475 Nm) of torque. This V8 is linked to a manual six-speed gearbox. All GTS R models are yellow with black wheels and That spoiler. The HRT Optmised was an optional package and lifted the power to 315 hp thanks to a thoroughly revised engine.

Audi S6 Plus 4.2 quattro (C4) ’96

It all started quite simply with Audi. The Audi 100 S4 had a 2.2-liter five-cylinder engine, good for 220 hp. Not wrong, but far from the violence. Fortunately, the car evolved with a V8 (280 hp) and a facelift model, the S6 with 230 (five-cylinder) or S6 V8 with 290 hp. The S6 Plus was a special project from quattro GmbH. The sedan version was very rare, fewer than 100 were built. Even then, most customers went for the Avant. Maximum power? 326 hp. Interesting, but still not enough to hook up. Still, this was the first Audi RS6, without actually using that name.

Audi S6 Plus 4.2 quattro (C4) '96

Mercedes-Benz E50 AMG (W210) “96

In principle, the E50 AMG is the successor to the E 500. In principle, it should be even better. In principle, the Netherlands could win from Spain during the World Cup final in 2010. It was not so much the AMG modifications that were carefully selected and implemented. The basis of this car (the “W210”) was simply not as elaborate as its predecessor (the “W124”). Nevertheless, with 347 hp and 480 Nm still a powerful machine. Not much later the V8 was increased to 5.4 liters, good for 354 hp and 510 Nm. These are therefore called E55 AMG.

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG '96

Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri Biturbo (AM337) ’96

Rarely have sports sedans been fitted with such a sleek carriage. The base is the Biturbo in the distance, but the Quattroporte IV is larger, more modern and more luxurious. Faster too. Most Biturbo derivatives have a V6 biturbo engine, but from 1995 the Quattroporte could also be ordered with a 3.2 liter V8 with two IHI turbos. The result? A maximum power of 335 hp and a top speed of 270 km / h. Not faster than the Lotus Omega, but very much more stylish.

Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri Biturbo (AM337) '96

Audi S8 (D2) “Handschalter” 96

Why name the larger Audi S8 when it was hardly stronger than the S6 Plus? First, it was one of the few large sedans in its class with a sports label. The S8 had the same aluminum V8 as the S6 Plus, albeit with 340 hp. Thanks to the aluminum construction of the S8, it didn’t even save that much in terms of weight. As icing on the cake, the S8 could be ordered at no extra cost with, yes, a manual six-speed gearbox! The six-speed gearbox made the S8 not only considerably rarer, but also a bit faster. But drive out a Lotus Omega? No, that didn’t work.

Audi S8 (D2) '96

Alpina B10 V8 (E39) ’97

The BMW 5 Series of the E39 generation was so good that an M5 was considered superfluous. Now the 540i with its 286 hp stood its ground on the Autobahn. Fortunately, Alpina was therefore able to make good use of the situation. The Alpina B10 V8 came on the market in January of 1997. Later, another six-cylinder B10 was added (the 3.2). In terms of character, the B10 was a bit more civilized and refined than an M6. And also slightly slower.

Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG (W210) ’97

Of the W210 generation you could initially choose from an E50 AMG (347 hp) and later an E55 AMG (354 hp). Both are extremely fast, although not Lotus Omega fast. They were, however, a lot more comfortable. A big advantage compared to the E500 was the five-speed automatic. The top model was almost nowhere in the price lists, but had to be specially ordered from AMG. The E60 AMG was a very rare and screamingly expensive just-even-better and fast version of a home-made fast sedan.

BMW M5 (E39) ’98

Eventually we end up with the BMW M5. This generation is certainly not rare. Not only the overrepresentation on the internet, but also in absolute numbers. More importantly, with the M5 (E39) the Germans were finally able to deal with the crushed Opel with enormous haste. The M5 would initially get 300 kW, but this was reduced to 294 kW, because 400 hp looks better than 408 hp.

BMW M5 (E39) '98

Super bonus: Brabus E V12 7.3 (W210) ’96

Nowadays, super dance is quite normal. By that we mean sedans that can make supercars difficult in a straight line. That used to be less the case. With a 450 – 550 horsepower Ferrari or Lamborghini you were lord and master on the highway. Unless you encountered a Brabus E V12. In terms of looks it was like a luxury taxi, but technically it was a supercar. Under the hood there was no four-cylinder diesel without a turbo, but an atmospheric 7.3-liter V12. This produced 582 hp and 772 Nm. The top speed was limited. At 330 km / h, that again.

Brabus E V12 (W210) '96


  1. foam mouth3 says

    In fact, the E60 and E39 are the only two models that have stood the test of time.
    The rest looks like a bad 80s advertisement with mustache behind the wheel.

    • bogey says

      For me those are the E39 and S8 D2

  2. SpiderIV says

    a ship of skill but what a cool thing that Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri is.
    That name alone. Sounds much better than S6 or S8

  3. ty5500 says

    Are pretty pearls in between. Certainly those BMWs, alpina and that lotus omega. Oh yes, and that 500E, how brutal can a Mercedes be.

  4. dirtyreddyw says

    When fat sedans were still fat but modest. In comparison with now, these are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I find this a lot better than a current E63, M5 or RS6 / 7.

  5. 3246cm252kw says


    Alpina B10 biturbo E34 is clearly the thickest of the mentioned 360hp biturbo 6 in line. What a creation that was!

  6. rd1991 says

    Especially the Lotus Omega and fast W124s are doing well with me! Such an S6 had a few friends of mine too. 4.2 V8, manual gearbox, the Avant … yes, thing did well with the Carbagerun .. ..

  7. often you’re too scared says

    That’s how it is. Such an E500, isn’t that exactly what you want as a super sedan owner in terms of appearance? 99, so many% of the people do not see it, but you know it yourself and that few connoisseurs who give you a thumbs up along the way. It’s a shame that a Q-car doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

    Edit: was intended as a response to @viezefreddyw but the browser on the phone doesn’t think so.

    • dirtyreddyw says

      @often you’re too scared: Website, app .. It all doesn’t work that smoothly yet. I am curious when I will no longer see any commercials.

  8. alloallo says

    The Maserati remains my favorite!

  9. robert110 says

    Such an Omega. It does not look like, but what is such a cool thing.

  10. mln says

    Enjoy this! The W124, but also the E34! That’s where my love for cars started!

  11. greenhouse says

    I miss the Lancia Theme 8.32. With its 215 hp, perhaps not as much a strip tractor as the rest, but being able to say that you have a Ferrari engine under the hood is of course unrivaled.

  12. z3cabby says

    Fine article again, Willem. Top!

  13. alloallo says

    @kaspertje does the maserati evoluzione not have a Ferrari engine?

  14. sabrerator says

    Well, marketplace again but hurry for an XJR.
    Since only 3 units with manual gearbox have been sold in the Netherlands, and one of them has been allowed to hand in its technology for the conversion of an XK150 (and the other two are probably rotten away), it will have to be a machine.
    I do it for.

  15. lompey says

    Don’t miss another Renault Safrane Baccara biturbo

  16. Unhp says

    These were the dream cars as a teenager. Those capabilities seemed enormously exotic, we were happy if we had 100hp. Can ride in a Golf GTI, 110hp! Alfa 164 with 150hp that was it completely. And then the E30 M3, 190hp or something. 370hp, unthinkable.

    Contrast with today, cars have almost too much power, but are also heavier and give less experience …

  17. creaminator says

    The Toyota Aristo with the 2JZGTE engine was not allowed to participate to keep it fun?

  18. grass eater says

    Mitsubishi galant 6 AMG and 8 VR-4 also liked this list.


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