These McLaren’s are a tribute to the F1 GTR

Lanzante McLaren

Lanzante adds a touch of Le Mans to the McLaren line-up.

In 1995, 25 years ago, a black McLaren F1 GTR was the first to cross the finish line at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. To commemorate this memorable event, there is now a series of specials editions, inspired by the F1 GTR. It’s just not McLaren that comes up with this, but Lanzante, the team that took the win.

The 1995 winning car was the F1 GTR with chassis number 01R. This car first served as a prototype for McLaren. The car was then used by Lanzante (who took part under the name Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing) at Le Mans. With success: the F1 GTR made history by for the first time (and also the last) the overall win.

Lanzante McLaren

25 years later, this particular car now receives an extensive tribute. Lanzante does this by giving seven modern McLarens an F1 GTR treatment. To be precise, these are the 600LT, 600LT Spider, 765LT, 765LT Spider, the Senna and the Senna GTR.

Two things stand out in this list. First, there are only six, so the seventh is still a surprise. Second, there is no 765LT Spider at all. Unless Lanzante himself is going to put the saw in a 765LT, they have to wait until McLaren comes with it.

The models will be named LM 25 Edition and come in the black and gray livery of the legendary F1 GTR. The McLarens also get Le Mans-style carbon rims. We recently saw these kinds of rims on the McLaren Senna LM. On the side we see start number 59.

It is not shown in the images, but the cars will also get F1 GTR style seats. We then assume that the seating position of the F1 is not taken over. However, if you look at how much time Lazante puts into it you would almost think so.

The various adjustments result in a weight reduction of about 27 kg. Lanzante has been busy with the conversion for about three months and asks for £ 120,000 (or € 132,830). Don’t forget to bring your own McLaren.


  1. harie says

    Normally I can appreciate the ‘form follows function’ philosophy …… but what is Senna so ‘en profile’ hideously ugly….


  2. airditude says

    I think…. This model is not that beautiful either. But I don’t think that was the aim of the designers either.

  3. competition102 says

    Did something go wrong with the photos? I see 4x the same McLaren and one that is completely misshapen.

    • competition102 says

      and one more that is a little less deformed than the deformed one, but not mother’s prettiest either.


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