This British brand makes itself heard again after 60 years

Allard JR

Son and grandsons pick up where grandfather left off.

Brands such as Aston Martin and Bentley have recently been reviving their classic models. Models such as the DB5 and the Blower are therefore rebuilt in almost unchanged form. Another historic British car brand thought: we can too.

There is a small difference. This brand has not built cars for about 60 years. The name will therefore not be equally known to everyone, but it concerns Allard. This company was founded in 1936 by Sydney Allard and is still in the hands of the family.

Following the example of Aston Martin, Allard now comes with its own Continuation-fashion model. It is a continuation of the Allard JR. This was a lightweight racing car from 1953. Allard applied the recipe that Carrol Shelby – who also raced in an Allard – would later apply to the AC Cobra. The JR was a British roadster with an American V8. The car took part in Le Mans, but unlike its predecessor, it was unable to break pots due to technical problems.

  • Allard JR
  • Allard JR
  • Allard JR

The Allard JR was actually not a success, but that doesn’t make the car any less attractive. That is why it was decided to revive the car again. The first copy is now ready. The car was built by Sydney Allard’s son and two grandsons. Only seven copies of the original were built, so now you know immediately where the 8 on the side comes from.

  • Allard JR

Just like the original JR, the car has a large 5.4 liter Cadillac V8. This delivers 304 horsepower. Partly thanks to the aluminum body, the weight remains under 1,000 kg. To be precise, the weight comes to 998 kg. The Allard JR has three gears as standard. A fourth gear is optional.

The first copy of the Continuation Series will be sold at auction next month RM Sotheby’s. This is not street legal, but later copies can be, if the customer wishes. The expectation is that the first ‘modern’ Allard will yield between € 190,000 and € 260,000.


  1. Edge says

    Look, this way I like reviving old brands! Not a super-super-ultra-hypercar with a million horsepower, jet engines and more such fabrications, but a cool and handmade tribute to the brand of yesteryear. And it is extra cool that it is not some seller of castles in the air who bought the trademark rights for a few bucks, but the son and grandsons of Allard themselves are responsible for the continuation of the company.

    With this Allard JR Continuation you can see very well what a brand name does for the value of a car. This handmade JR Continuation is estimated to cost between £ 190,000 and £ 260,000. At Jaguar and Aston Martin you really do not have to knock on such an amount. For a comparable non-street legal continuation of one of their classics you pay well over a million pounds. That makes such an Allard relatively a bargain!

  2. Rob says

    These guys have been making replicas of the Allard J2 since 1999:

    Not sure if this American company has anything to do with this model, but the Allard brand has certainly not been away for 60 years 😉
    And to be honest I find those American J2 replicas more interesting than this model.

    • carfreakjim says

      @Rob: Then do me the recreation of the article. That Allard j2 has a bit too high Excalibur level in terms of looks for me.

      • Rob says

        I understand. Has a lot of shine and quite a size bigger than the original. Tends to get a bit kitschy. Die-hard classic fans hate creations like this.
        But I think it’s an incredibly well-executed piece of kitsch. And undoubtedly a lot easier to handle than the classic original model. Bit like Morgan say. A classic is not for everyone and then this is a very nice alternative.

        And you can bet that those J2 replicas come out more than these kind of “Continuation” -like models (no matter how beautiful they are). They are doomed to neatly polished dust in museums or in the garages of collectors.

  3. mp014 says

    Nice alternative to the TVR I have been waiting for for years …… I wish Marcos would build cars again. What a beautiful car history they have on the lake! It is a pity that almost all of it is or will become history…. AM is not going to take it long anymore …

  4. moveyourmind says

    Very nice and beautiful that the descendants try to revive the legacy of their grandfather. Just don’t hope that in 2030 the fun for these types of manufacturers will be over and that they will have to abandon combustion engines.

  5. Esprit_de_Flandre says

    Of course we know Allard. This is AB, home to real enthusiasts.

    Nice thing, despite the weird bracket. Of course you didn’t have that on the original, but nowadays everyone is so obsessed with ‘survival’.

    What would be great if they also made a modern version after this series. An extra British brand is always a good idea …


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