This Bugatti Divo has an extremely difficult appearance

The difficult appearance of this Bugatti Divo

In fact, the appearance of this Divo was so difficult that Bugatti considered quitting.

These days, most super premium brands do have their own personalization departments. Think of Ferrari’s Tailor Made, or Q by Aston Martin. So is Bugatti. Because the people who can afford such a very exclusive car often want to ensure that their car is truly exclusive. That no other car on Earth drives around like yours. And that there may be some annoying jobs in between, proves this Divo Ladybird well.

The idea was simple. Or at least, simple… The client wanted a ‘geometric dynamic algorithmic blurring’ pattern. Ok that sounds anything but simple. Simply put, it is about 1600 windows that are glued around the car. They are the largest at the bottom and there is little space between the diamonds. The more you go up, the smaller the diamonds become and the more space is created between the shapes.

So Bugatti came up with a whole design, creating two unique colors. You may have thought the car was ‘just red and black’. However, Bugatti calls these metallic colors ‘Customer Special Red’ and Graphite. The Bugatti designers developed the pattern with computers and were quite satisfied with the digital result. However, when they printed the digital result and pasted it on the car, they were less satisfied with the result.

The problem, according to Bugatti, was that the 2D windows deformed when stuck to the 3D surface – the car. That made the whole thing look a bit crazy. So each window had to be adjusted and positioned individually. All in consultation with the customer. The entire design process took no less than a year and a half. At one point, Bugatti even planned to stop the whole project because it turned out to be so difficult. In the end they chose to continue with the difficult appearance of this Divo. Fortunately, because the result is impressive.

How much the Bugatti customer was allowed to pay for this frustration project is not clear. However, this is a purely cosmetic procedure. The Divo’s 8 liter W16 still produces 1500 hp. The top speed is 380 km / h. A Divo costs five million euros, all 40 copies will be delivered to customers these months. Do you want to know what it is like to receive a Bugatti Divo? Then watch the video below.

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  1. tkoote says

    “The problem, according to Bugatti, was that the 2D windows deformed when they were stuck to the 3D surface – the car. That made the whole thing look a bit crazy. So each window had to be adjusted and positioned individually. ” Anyone who has some experience / understanding of CAD modeling and rendering should have seen this coming a long time ago, right? If you project a shape in elevation on a sloping surface, it will be distorted. One of the worst problems I encountered in my college days modeling shapes & renders …

  2. moveyourmind says

    From a distance it looks like something, but if you look closely at him, you immediately see that there are 801 diamonds on the left and only 799 on the right. And once you have seen it …

    And they have been working on that for a year and a half.


  3. joosstra says

    It has become a mess, indeed. As far as I am concerned, all efforts were in vain.


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