This is Ferrari’s own ventilator

Ferrari breathing equipment

Ferrari now also makes respiratory equipment. Could you breathe super fast with these parts?

Since the middle of March, the production of cars in many car factories is on its way. Some factories are going to build some cars again. In other factories, the focus is not on making four-wheelers, but on making respirators.

Also in Maranello things go differently than usual in the factory. In Italy, severely affected by the coronavirus, they started making respirators. Ferrari wouldn’t be Ferrari if they didn’t leave a signature. For example, the breathing valve and mask components are equipped with the Ferrarilogo.

Ferrari breathing equipment black

In the department where Ferrari normally builds prototypes, these types of respiratory parts are now being produced. The brand is of course specialized in building super fast cars. They do not do this operation alone. Various parts have been developed by Mares. This is a diving equipment manufacturer. Nuovamacut Gruppo TeamSystem is responsible for logistics. Solid Energy is yet another company involved in this project.

Ferrari respirators white

In the coming days, Ferrari will make hundreds of parts for respirators. Hospitals in Bergamo, Genoa, and Modena Sassuolo will receive the parts. Healthcare workers in the village of Medicina can also count on a load from Ferrari.


  1. fmgarcia says

    As long as they keep the v12 unblown!

  2. Hubert says

    Then watch out for hyperventilation!

  3. rob5nismo says

    Intake manifolds specialists


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