This is how Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce came about

This is how Justin Bieber's Rolls-Royce came about

Justin Bieber wanted a personalization where they must have thought even at Rolls-Royce that it is going too far for them.

Rolls-Royce is known as a brand where almost everything is possible in the field of personalization. However, this is limited to the colors and chosen materials. It is not possible to adjust a carriage. If you look at them sweetly and transfer many millions, they want to make something unique, but there are cheaper solutions.

Justin Bieber wanted to make something unique from his Rolls-Royce. A phone call to West Coast Customs was the result. You know, the company that made the most horrible creations for Pimp my Ride with Xzibit. They still make special cars, as the Rolls from Bieber proves.

The connoisseur had already seen it, of course. Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce is inspired by the British brand’s 103EX concept. The car started life as a regular Wraith before West Coast Customs began the transformation. On the YouTubechannel from West Coast Customs, the project can now be viewed in detail, including the reaction from Bieber himself. The result is the most unique Rolls-Royce on the American west coast. Maybe of the world. In Goodwood they are now rinsing their eyes with soap.

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  • This is how Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce came about

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  1. potver7 says

    Would have just started with a Fiat Panda or something …


  2. Johanneke says

    Wouldn’t drive through the snow with a car like that. Steering becomes quite difficult. Saab also found out with the Ursaab.


  3. joosstra says

    I don’t know who J. Bieber is, but it seems like someone who never grew up. Well, there is nothing wrong with that in itself, but it is if you apparently have so much money that you can make this kind of dismal mess.


    • tjorque says

      @joosstra The Blessing of Ignorance !!!
      I wish I could deny him … 🙂


    • mashell says

      How can you grow up when you owe all your fame to singing the words “baby, baby”?


    • no 1234 says

      Bieber is a marketing tool of the Music industry.

  4. povel says

    What a hideous thing. This is what you get when you let an 8 year old design a car.


  5. imaginenl says

    Maybe they should send Justin to England to have a nice suit fitted, I don’t understand that bum look at all. I don’t understand the conversion of the Wraith, although they have made it neat.


    • potver7 says

      DECENTLY??? Completely unimaginative designed with a compass and a ruler. Of course it all fits well, but that is also allowed given the price tag of West Coast.
      But this project shows very well that closed wheel arches on an existing body are simply not porous, and that you simply should not want that.
      We will not even talk about the failed front …

  6. brammetjedeb says

    Godskolere. It’s ugly …


  7. ericc says

    Not West Coast’s first car for Bieber. They also tackled a Caddy a few years ago.

  8. W115 says

    The alfa 166 was way ahead of its time.

  9. tjorque says

    I think in such a case, if you have nothing more sensible to do with your money, then you better give it to people who need it …


  10. SanS says

    I understood ‘urinal’ .. appropriate name


  11. amghans says

    Particularly device. But that’s different from beautiful. . .

  12. Rohrl fan says

    You can indeed seriously question the result, but am I the only one who can appreciate such projects?

    It’s not now that a Wraith is extremely rare, is it. 😁

  13. silverscope says

    That whole Westcoast Customs really makes the most beautiful monsters. The “creations” that are still a bit pleasurable can be counted on one hand.

  14. eirmakk says

    I think a blind person designed it? Because I don’t see any comparisons with the concept.


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