“ This is how much power the 2021 C63 AMG with four-cylinder will deliver ”

2021 C63 AMG

A first look at the new 2021 Mercedes-AMG C63, with a crystal ball in hand. What can we expect?

That will take some getting used to later on. Starting a C63 AMG and then hearing nothing impressive coming out of the exhaust. What must be impressive is the power with accompanying performance.

Mercedes 2021 C63 with EQ Power

Bee Car Magazine they have released on the basis of sources what we can expect from the new C63 AMG. First the name, which may be on C63 AMG 4Matic + EQ Power Sport. EQ Power already gives away that the hottest C-class hybrid power gets under the hood. Basically, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine from the A45 is taken, in combination with a battery and electric motor for some extra power.

The system power should be 550 hp and 800 Nm of torque. The increased power is also badly needed, because the hybrid construction makes the car heavier. The 2021 C63 will weigh around 2,000 kg, according to the information. Incidentally, take all the information with a small grain of salt, because it is and will remain rumors. The fact is that the new C63 will be a completely different car than the model as we know it today. In combination with four-wheel drive, the beast should be able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

The AMG buyer has to look for the poisonous character of Affalterbach in other cases. Just like the thickest A-class (the A45 S), a drift mode is coming to the C63. Smoking tires should therefore still be possible.

The unveiling of the new Mercedes C-class is still fresh behind the ears. Do not expect a presentation of the 2021 C63 until the end of the year.

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  1. yard76 says

    2000 kilos for a C class. ppff.


    • karst stallion says

      While with a 4-burner you would expect that the weight will go down so that some sportsmanship is gained.


    • dalmore says

      Exactly my response. But battery is sustainable!
      My 32-year-old 5.3 V12 is therefore just as heavy as a brand new mid-range sedan with a very fast 4-cylinder. Car news still manages to amaze me every day ..


      • maotje says

        @dalmore: it just does not go to 100 in 3.5 seconds

    • detroitv8 says

      @ ww2: does a little EV also easy.

    • Svensson says

      The weight is indeed too ridiculous for words. A major drawback of the massive electrification of the car industry


  2. viezefreddyw says

    2 tons for a C-class, madness. That is about the weight of an S350d Lang of the previous generation. Laughable.

  3. Edge says

    “First of all, the name, which may be released on the C63 AMG 4Matic + EQ Power Sport. “

    Mercedes-AMG recently introduced their new hybrid label in a slick promotional video with the AMG One and Lewis Hamilton: E Performance. So it seems more likely to me that the name Mercedes-AMG C 63 E Performance 4Matic + will go.

  4. vindick says

    Haha four-cylinder


    • Dickie says

      Haha yes what nonsense, although he gets 1000 hp, it remains a 4 cylinder and that is just unworthy of AMG.
      Then they might as well throw in all-electric propulsion.

  5. royal deluxe says

    In Belgium, he will immediately be more interesting when a 4-pitter really starts. Pay far less taxes. Is that small engine block still useful.

  6. Ot92 says

    The irony, with every new model time it loses about 2000cc of cylinder capacity. I’m afraid the next model will be a fully electric 63 AMG.

  7. crazy henk says

    What a mockery this 😢
    2.0 fart machine and 2 (!) Tons. Gekkehenk Sr’s X5 weighed that too

  8. gregorius says

    A very interesting car: a> 500hp car with a very good 2.0 engine and a serious amount of electrical power. If MB does that well, it will be a top car to drive and have.
    No; it is not a crowbar. No, people don’t buy C63 because they need space and they didn’t before. In the previous versions, people did not buy the C63 because it was the best steering or fastest: it was brutal with a brutal sound. Do you still want that? Just go to the E or the AMG GT.
    Also important: in the M3 / 4 you get the best 3.0 6 line that BMW knows how to make. In the RS4 / 6 you get the best 2.9 / 3.0 from VAG (ok, in panamera it had 12hp more).
    At MB you got the very cool 4.0 BiTurbo; but with a lot of horsepower less than in a lot of other MB models. If you spend 100-150k for the top model in that class, you want the best engine in the company of that big one in your car too! ??! That’s the case again now.

  9. arta says

    The end of the AMG 😭

    That V8 makes you the AMG …
    Now it is going to be a potent Prius …

    Quickly look again at the prices of the E46 m3 and C-class with the 6.2 AMG.

    And furthermore as a daily Tesla.

  10. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Because of my work at MB I was able and allowed to drive with all AMGs and with great pleasure, however: Who is going to buy this now? The uniqueness of an AMG C63 is its brutal V8…. with this weight comparable to a fat EV.Specs comparable to a Taycan 4S (571 hp, 3.5 S / 100 kmh) only that is a lot bigger at 4.96 m I think a dying breed this… .Mercedes / AMG come soon with cool EVs on the market.


    • ghost says

      @Charles Taycan 4S: I think a lot of people are going to buy this. We live in a time when people increasingly accept that cars no longer have the most cylinders, but are super fast. In general, we prefer a machine to a manual gearbox, and prefer a lower bpm and little consumption than expensive amounts and always be at the pump. Not surprising, the government is increasingly ruining it. I also choose the V8 myself if I had to choose, but well, if you live up to your name, you now also drive an EV, and you probably don’t because you wouldn’t have driven that 6-cylinder boxer much better 😁👌 🏼

      • Charles Taycan 4S says

        @ghost, personally I think few are going to buy this 4-cylinder. The brutal and somewhat raw 8-cylinder was always very characteristic and loved by enthusiasts. However, the world is changing under the influence of the environment, etc., which ensures that CO2 cannons are automatically banned due to high taxes. Here in FR, too, 8 cylinders have become unaffordable. After years of enjoying our 911s and looking for more comfort and space, we have made the step to the Taycan 4S. The first EV that appealed to me and I really liked it. And with great pleasure we now drive in this and as things are now I will not go back… fast, quiet, sporty and comfortable, Driving 3.0! 😉👍

  11. 406_v6 says

    And then knowing that Lexus is releasing an IS with a V8… I knew! @lexusnl: just release that IS V8 here please!

  12. berlinetta says

    In my opinion, the C63 loses its charm with this. I always thought the cool thing about that car was that it was a clumsy machine with a wonderful, greasy sound. A real hooligan. I think that is becoming a lot less now. And that weight, say bizarre.

  13. amghans says

    Really no hair on my – now richly upholstered by Corona – head, who is thinking about buying such a tanned container with a 4-cylinder + electrical support as an AMG. Then just a simple full-EV (an ID.3 or something) for the daily mileage with an ‘old’ multi-cylinder NA for it.

  14. steel says

    Time to take a closer look at the road load (weight)?

  15. petroll drinker says

    Ah…. everything is better than an EV, no matter how painful this is going to be …

  16. E34M5Touring says

    If all that has to be done on the tailgate… What a name dude… 200kg of badge later on that thing…

  17. dare2think says

    For me, the ‘AMG’ was that V8. First the 6.2, then the 4.0. The heart and thus the most important USP of an AMG has now disappeared. Building very efficient for Mercedes, by the way, because in fact they only have to design one engine, gearbox, etc. But, expectation, they do not benefit much from that economies of scale because not much is delivered anyway ..

  18. elemento says

    Tax: in the Netherlands based on weight, some countries use a number of horsepower or some engine capacity. So a solution for many. But well, ear also wants something. You take this for the experience.

  19. beer belly says

    If it had not been called the C63 AMG 4Matic EQ Power Sport (the names are also getting crazier) then it would have been just a very thick container. But a real AMG should have a raw, roaring V8 or V12!

  20. wild animal says

    Very short power band, so a lot of PS at high revs, this drives shit

  21. tmenges says

    This is simply being sold! A few years ago everyone screamed murder and fire that Volvo stopped with the 5 cylinder and they still sell well.

  22. TheWhiteCondor says

    Reading this really gives me the feeling that I was born too late. Electric driving for commuting, transport and other necessary things, fine. But not for things like this. I do hope that a few more ICE models will remain in the future. Can’t they develop a nice environmentally friendly synthetic fuel? May cost quite a bit for me, for the rides on Saturday

  23. VolvoXCseries says

    My C250d 4Matic is already doing 1’790 Kg clean on the hook. With all the new technology (battery, etc.) that 2 tons does not come as a big surprise.

    But how heavy the cars are nowadays. Can I remember that my old XC90 D5 was just over 2 tons, but at the same time also came from a completely different or larger class.

    OT: I am curious about the flexibility of the 4-cylinder AMG. A 6-cylinder (eg the 6 in-line from BMW) is usually more stable and “more powerful” (because of the reserve feeling) to me


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