This is how you add a decorative frame to your Word document

In Word, it is not difficult to place a border around text and images, but you can also add a decorative frame around the entire page. This comes in handy if you want to make a festive announcement or some kind of certificate, for example.

Lines, waves or dots

First, place the mouse pointer at the beginning of the document or at the beginning of the section you want to border. To apply a page border, you need the Borders and Shading dialog box. To do this, go to the tab in the ribbon To design and then click on the right in the group Page background on the button Page Borders. Select the middle tab: Page Border.

On the left you will find five settings. By default, the None option is active. Logical, because there is no edge yet. For example, to make a nice border, you can change the setting Frame or Shadow Selecting.

In the middle column you can choose between different styles: single lines, double or triple lines, waves, dotted lines, etc. Below you determine the color and width of the border. On the right you see an example based on the chosen settings.

On the right you get an idea of ​​the result.

Determine position

Such a frame is normally fitted on all four sides. For example, if you don’t want a border at the bottom, click on the bottom border in the example to make it disappear. Clicking that location again will make the border reappear.

Now you have to Become tell us which pages you want to apply the border to. Does he have to be around it Whole document, This section, This sectionFirst page only or This Section – All But First Page to show up? Under the button Options are the settings to determine the margin between the paper edge and the frame.

How far should the frame be from the paper edge?

With illustrations

In addition to lines, dots and waves, you can also use illustrations to compose the frame. That way you place stars, pumpkins, streamers or geometric ornaments around the content.

To do this, dive into the middle column via the drop-down menu Illustrations in the library of images. With this selection list you can give the page an extra cheerful or solemn border. The line style disappears for illustrations, but you can also adjust the color and thickness to your own taste.

There is also a library of illustrations to make such a decorative frame.

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