This is how you disable the Facebook Messenger emoji in 3 steps

Facebook Messenger recently expanded the chat app with a whole laundry list of alternative emoji. These automatically replace the well-known smileys and icons that are installed on your iPhone by default, although you can easily turn off this Facebook Messenger emoji.

Disable Facebook Messenger emoji

Facebook Messenger is constantly trying to develop as a messaging platform, and has recently tried to do so with more than 1500 emoji.

If you prefer to use the traditional emoji, you will have to adjust this manually from the Facebook Messenger app for iOS. Fortunately, this job is already done three steps. In this settings screen of Facebook Messenger you can also choose the skin color of the emoji that you send.

Disable Facebook Messenger emoji in three steps:

  • Open Facebook Messenger and go to ‘Me’ in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and choose Photos & Media.
  • Turn off the switch behind Messenger emoji.

According to Facebook, this should ensure that misunderstandings are resolved, because the emoji on iOS and Android devices are different from each other. By developing an unambiguous emoji series for all devices, you as a sender know exactly what your recipient’s face is getting. If you send an emoji via Messenger without this option, Facebook will automatically transfer it to Facebook Messenger emoji.

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