This is how you place a website shortcut in the dock of your Mac

Did you know that you can also put a website shortcut in the dock on your Mac? Useful for one or two of your favorite websites. With this tip, we’ll show you how to do that.

You can use the dock on your Mac for handy shortcuts to your most used programs and folders. Did you know that you can also drag shortcuts to websites in it? With this tip, we will show you how to put a frequently used website in your dock, so you can quickly access it without having to open your browser first.

Shortcut to website in the dock

If you always want a shortcut of your favorite website (s) to hand, you can bookmark in Safari. If you want to open a specific website even faster, you can create a shortcut in the dock. That’s how you do it:

  1. Open Safari on your Mac and enter the url of your favorite website, for example or Go to the website.

Favicon dragging Mac Safari

  1. First click on the address bar.
  2. Then click on it in the address bar icon of the website that is next to the url and while holding down your left mouse button.
  3. Now drag the url to the right side of your docknext to your trash.

Add website to Mac dock

  1. Release your left mouse button.

You will see that your created shortcut is now displayed as a globe. When you click on the globe, Safari opens and your favorite website loads immediately. Do you want to remove the shortcut? Then drag it out of your dock.

Only right in the dock

Creating a website shortcut is a close call. It only works when you drag it to the far right in the dock. Unfortunately, you cannot put a website shortcut between your programs. It also doesn’t work if you only grab the url in your address bar; you really have to drag the icon next to the url. If you put several shortcuts next to each other, the websites are unfortunately difficult to distinguish. You can only see which website it is when you hover over it with your mouse. So it is wise to only use this tip for one or two favorite websites.

We’ve previously provided a tip on how to restore your Mac’s dock to its original settings. Useful if you have changed a lot on the dock.


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