This is how you use the sleep timer: fall asleep with your iPhone

With the sleep timer you can fall asleep to music without your iPhone playing all night long. This tip explains how to set the sleep timer in the Clock app on your iPhone or iPad.

Sleep timer on iPhone

Want to listen to some music before going to sleep? With the sleep timer on the iPhone (or iPad) you ensure that the music automatically stops after a few minutes or hours. This way you prevent the battery from draining or that the music continues to play all night. In this tip we explain how it works.

  • Fall asleep to music
  • Set sleep timer

Fall asleep to music

You may be familiar with the timer function on the iPhone and iPad. This comes in handy as a kitchen timer or if you want to be reminded in a few minutes to call someone back, for example. You can also use the timer in another way, namely while you are falling asleep.

If you want to go to sleep at night, it is nice to listen to some music. You can select an album or a short playlist to make the music stop automatically. But it can also be done differently. The Clock app on the iPhone has a sleep timer. This ensures that the music switches off automatically after a preset number of minutes.

Set sleep timer

  1. Open the Clock app and go to the tab Timer.
  2. Select the desired duration at the top of the screen, for example 30 minutes.
  3. With the item When timer ends choose the option Stop playback.
  4. Press the Start button.

Sleep timer on iPhone

Now put on some nice music, turn on a radio station or listen to a podcast. Playback will stop automatically when the time has elapsed. There is no warning sound, which could wake you up. Via the on / off button on top of the device you can turn off the iPhone screen in the meantime, so that only a minimal amount of energy is used.

The clock app has even more options. For example, also read about using the iPhone as a stopwatch and the iPhone as an alarm clock.


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