This is Microsoft’s vision for a modern Windows 10

Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system does a lot of things well, but that does not mean that Microsoft does not keep a list of things that need to be changed. Microsoft recently shared its vision for a modern operating system. Is this the future of Windows 10?

Of course, Microsoft finds the users extremely important. As far as the company is concerned, one of the most important functions for a modern operating system is the ability to seamlessly update the system. These updates should not be visible to end users or disturb them. Let’s hope that Microsoft makes it possible for automatic updates to be installed, so that people will not lose all their data again.

In addition, a modern operating system must also be secure in its basic form. This means that the core of the system and the various apps must all be disconnected from each other. This way, individual components can be updated, while functionality and safety are not compromised. Furthermore, users must be able to rely on computers being able to cope with network changes without stuttering, for example when switching from Wi-Fi to 4g or (later) 5g.

More should soon be possible in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimports; Microsoft uses the term “multi-sense” for this. Think of input via a stylus, your voice, a touchscreen and your eyes. The shape of a device is also important. The form factor can influence the way we use our computers. We can already see that in many 2-in-1 devices (hybrids and convertibles) and the way in which these PCs handle cameras and other components.

Windows 10 update

Is this for Windows 10?

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not let you know whether these changes will all come to Windows 10. At the time of writing, a lot of these changes do not yet apply to this operating system. For example, there are no seamless updates (not at all) and some apps are well dependent on some core functions of the operating system. This of course does not apply to the applications that you can download from the download store; however, system apps are well interwoven.

It could well be that Microsoft is talking about the somewhat mysterious Windows Core OS. With this system, Microsoft wants to ensure that the experience is universal on all devices where you install the Core OS. That was once the promise of Windows 10, but little has come of it. This system could also adapt well to the shape of the hardware, whether it is a smartphone, convertible, Xbox or traditional PC.


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