This is the beautiful Iso Rivolta GTZ in the flesh

New pictures show the first Iso Rivolta GTZ to hit the road.

The idea is about as old as the Iso Rivolta itself: reinventing an old recipe. Under the heading ‘everything used to be better’, many people are enthusiastic about a car that looks like cars looked like in the heyday of design, if that may be to you.

Iso Rivolta

A while ago, the Iso Rivolta name was dusted off when the Iso Rivolta GTZ was unveiled, by Zagato. The name Iso Rivolta stands for an icon from the 60s. It may not mean much to you and the company hasn’t made cars in years, but don’t underestimate the impact. The Iso Rivolta scored high in its class at Le Mans in 1964 and 1965. American designer Mike Robinson called the Iso Rivolta a typical design for its time: cars like the Lamborghini Miura and Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale are, according to him, the result of the Iso Rivolta.

Iso Rivolta GTZ by Zagato

The Iso Rivolta is back! A while ago there was already a design study that appears in Gran Turismo. That marked a return for the name and the car. It gave the opportunity for a purebred new Iso Rivolta that would be for sale, instead of a concept. There are plenty of ideas, but just get on it. Fortunately, Zagato has a good reputation and they were smart enough to use an engine and platform that already exists. In this case a GM V8 (LT4 from the Corvette C7) and the basis of the same Corvette. Then you let designers go wild who make this out of it with the old model and you have a good score.

Different picture

We would like to illuminate the car again purely because of its stunning appearance. Fortunately, Zagato gives us a reason: this is the Iso Rivolta GTZ in the flesh. Then you get a different picture of the car.


At the time, it was said to be an LT4 V8 from the Corvette (C7) drilled out to 6.8 liters. However, Zagato now mentions a 6.2 V8 (standard stroke volume) with 660 hp and 881 Nm. That ‘just’ means the Corvette engine. Nothing to complain about: an animal with a big soundtrack is the result. In terms of transmission, this copy seems to have GM’s eight-speed automatic transmission: a Tremec manual with seven gears is also possible in the Corvette. Whether that is optionally available is not known.

Customer car

Another reason why the beautiful Iso Rivolta GTZ is shown again: this is the first copy for a customer. The specification is very similar to the one from the first press plates, in the color Monza Green. As a contrast, a dark brown upholstery was chosen with aluminum parts in the interior. In addition to these, there are 18 lucky customers who are allowed to buy an Iso Rivolta GTZ.

If you don’t like this design with a ‘Neoclassical undertone’ according to Zagato? Then the Iso Rivolta Fidia might be something for you. Just let one be up for auction in our country via The Collectables!


  1. Rob says

    Yes, I like this. They have also chosen beautiful wheels and tasteful colors at Zagato.
    Makes you wonder why more manufacturers don’t opt ​​for relatively simple round shapes, instead of that sharp / aggressive printing….

    • sntial says

      @Rob: hallelujah

  2. jaapiyo says

    Cool. But the OG is even more epic.

  3. dromedary says

    Beautiful design, only it is a bit too “bare”. Is not the right word for it, but the interior is a bit too banal. Chic, but banal.

  4. maarten020 says

    really beautiful!

  5. brick says

    In France, sales seem to be delayed by 6 months because the logo resembles Peugeot too much


  6. moveyourmind says

    What a beautiful car! Just how the car looks at you from the front, so sexy.

  7. tortuga says

    This is simply absolute beauty! I want this one!

  8. ghini says


  9. 550maranello says

    What a beautiful design, no unnecessary frills, all lines are right. In a word: Superb! I want him!

  10. fendercd60 says

    I think it is very beautiful!

  11. vacano says

    beautiful gem. why only 18 pieces?

  12. RR Robert says

    Wow. This morning already pleasantly surprised with the 250 SWB, now this jewel on wheels.

    And that color… 😍


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