This is the cheapest car with seat ventilation on Marktplaats

seat ventilation

For only 1,550 Euro you can step into the cool seat of the cheapest car with seat ventilation on Marktplaats.

It is summer and nice and warm outside. I like it myself, but there are also disadvantages. You tire pretty quickly when you engage in activities and you sweat more than the proverbial woman of easy morals in church. Fortunately, cars today have a few helpful tools for that. Most C-segmenters have had air conditioning since the mid-1990s. More recently, seat ventilation is also becoming more common.

Nevertheless, such a cooled chair is still a bit of a luxury item. It is available as standard or at least optionally, especially on very expensive containers. With a smaller grant you have to move to an okkazie. But then again, the further you look back in time, the less cars had seat ventilation. What is actually the cheapest car you can buy where you do not get out like a polar bear in the tropics these days?


To find out, we went to the occasion section of Marktplaats again. This time not to specifically search for a brand or model, but to tick the desired option ‘seat ventilation’. The resulting list, selected in the Dutch way, produces a mixed image. Lots of old Mercs, but also a stray Opel or Nissan here and there. The cheapest of all, however, is a 1999 Mercedes W220 S320 with more than three tons on the clock.

The W220 succeeded the legendary W140 in 1998. As the standard-bearer of the traditional Mercedes range, the W220 set the tone for what would come from Stuttgart next. Many were not really happy about that. The iconic, angular design gave way to round shapes that often rusted away quickly.


This copy also suffers from the latter, as evidenced by the tasteful piece of Duct Tape on the rear right wing. But hey, apparently it still runs. And so you have those ventilated seats, so you never get out. That is, if they still work, of course. If you are interested, you can call the seller of this S., but only if you have the money and your wife allows it too. Then buy?


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