This is the cheapest Nissan GT-R from Marketplace

Cheapest Nissan GT-R

The cheapest Nissan GT-R in the Netherlands, what does it cost today.

The Nissan GT-R has been on the market for a while now. In fact, it is a real veteran. The car was unveiled at the end of 2007 and entered the Dutch market in 2009. Godzilla has been in the price lists for more than 10 years.


As befits a true Japanese sports car, the car is regularly updated. The super-fast GT-R has become stronger, faster and even more luxurious over the years with the major facelift in 2016. But improvements can hardly disguise that we are dealing with a car that we have known for a long time.

Cheapest Nissan GT-R

Cheapest Nissan GT-R in the Netherlands

So why buy a new one and not a used one? After all, they are broadly identical. We went to Marktplaats to look at the cheapest Nissan GT-R in the Netherlands. We ended up with this black copy. The car is from 2010 and is imported from Switzerland. You often see that with these kinds of special cars, they are considerably more popular in Switzerland. That means there is a little more choice.

Cheapest Nissan GT-R

Black Edition

It is a Nissan GT-R Black Edition. Most GT-Rs are incidentally “Black Edition”. Now we hear you think: “What the heck is a Black Edition?”. We are going to explain that for you. For a small extra charge you got the Recaro sports seats, red details in the interior, black headliner and dark colored rims.

Black Edition

One and a half tons

This copy has nearly a ton and a half on the clock. That seems a lot for an exclusive sports car, but actually it is not too bad. That’s 15,000 a year for a Japanese car, they can usually handle that with ease. The car is also top maintained according to the seller and “it has just had a turn at the Nissan dealer. Although the GT-R is quite reliable, there are indeed points of attention that you should pay attention to when purchasing.


Almost half a ton

Now the important questions: what do you pay for all this? It is not so bad: 47,500 euros. For the money of a new hot hatch, you have one of the most impressive giant killers of the past 10 years. Ironically, despite being the cheapest Nissan GT-R, the seller mentions the device’s value stability.

Cheapest Nissan GT-R


This copy still looks fairly standard and original. Unlike the R34, this R35 was bizarre fast as standard. From 0-100 km / h takes only 3.5 seconds and the top speed is 310 km / h. Now the Nissan GT-R responds excellently to mechanical modifications, so (much) more power and better performance are possible. Especially now that a new Nissan GT-R costs almost 180 grand, an occasion is more tempting.


You can see what it is like to own a Nissan GT-R R35 this recording from My Car.


  1. HZW says

    With these cars you have to wait and see how good or cooked the gearbox is, the question is how fresh the gears in the box are.

  2. ty5500 says

    Bizarre fast car. Would happily drive one too. However, I would only start if I had at least 10,000 euros reserve. The consumption is at the level of supercars. The tires wear out fairly quickly at the front due to the applied camber. And if something gets worn out (not unlikely with a car with such powers that is 10 years old) it will take a firm note.

  3. foam cup 3 says

    have driven all the Nissan’s (so not that Renault junk, except for the Almera and the last Primera which was real Renault waste) that are there except for the last ZX and GT-R, but could well see me driving in such a GT-R .. but 50,000 euros I think is really too much, especially considering addition and the fact that these are not yet 15 years old very unattractive for the wallet ..

  4. jarnobakker says

    I dare to buy it if I had the money, but my current car eats up all my money. I think the Nissan is cheaper in terms of maintenance.

    • rolov says

      @jarnobakker: the box as indicated above seemed to be a point. Wn that costs wen hope

  5. gregorius says

    That update in 2016 did the interior very well. With this version I have always found it a letdown.

    And I often hear that this car can drive very fast without you noticing. If I do go fast, I want to experience it positively too.

    I would love to put the block of these in my Infiniti FX. That is not allowed in Switzerland. Would be very cool.

  6. phaeton says

    A GTR cost about 125,000 euros at the time. Then 50,000 is indeed reasonably stable after ten years.


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