This is the first electric Bentley

The first electric Bentley, but from Lunaz

The first electric Bentley is also sixty years old.

Not only Volvo wants to be fully electric by the end of this decade; Bentley has the same ambition. That is why they will be presenting their first electric Bentley in four years’ time. The British restomodder Lunaz is a bit faster. Today they show the world’s first fully electric Bentley. At least, they claim that themselves. A quick search on Google hasn’t proven us wrong, so we’ll just assume the British are right.

This is an S3 Continental Flying Spur from 1961. This originally came with a 6.2 liter V8, but Lunaz has thrown it away. Instead, the Bentley according to Autocar an 80 kWh battery that should enable a range of 402 kilometers. Lunaz does not give acceleration times, but it is likely that the 97 km / h can be reached in about five seconds. Which is bizarrely fast for such an old, luxurious box like this first electric Bentley.

The first electric Bentley is being charged

This restomoded Bentley is made for a specific customer, although Lunaz does not reveal which one. It is true that it concerns a ‘well-known British car collector’, who apparently has two children. The car comes with leather child seats that match the interior. Quite a bit more luxurious than the Praxis car seats. The customer will use the car every day, says Lunaz.

The car was painted in two-tone green, with the hood, tailgate and everything around and above the windows being light green. The rest is dark green. Lunaz craftsmen have also addressed the interior, with new leather, walnut wood, air conditioning and infotainment. As a result, you get navigation and even Apple Carplay in your sixty-year-old carriage. Suspension and brakes have also been improved. Finally, you get power steering.

Lunaz also announces that it does not only want to stick to this one Continental. People can now order S1s, S2s and S3s from Lunaz. It concerns both two-door and four-door cars. They also want to sell a Continental Drophead Coupé. If you want an electric Bentley, you have to submit a large bag of money. The asking price is a good four tons before tax.

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