This is the new Racing Point car

Pink still dominates, but there is a new title sponsor.

It is now largely known what the field of participants for the coming season will look like. Racing Point is one of the last to come up with their new car.

Racing Point has a new title sponsor for this season and you won’t miss it. The letters BWT occupy a prominent place on the car. BWT stands for Best Water Technology and is an Austrian company that deals with, yes, water technology. This name was previously also on the car, but the main sponsor was then still gambling company Sportpresa. It has now disappeared from the scene. The full name of the team is now BWT Racing Point.

The car still has the characteristic pink color. Furthermore, we see a little less dark blue due to the absence of Sportpresa and a little more white instead. In terms of aerodynamics, there are no striking changes.

We already know who will be the title sponsor of Racing Point next year. Lawrence Stroll has put a lot of money into Aston Martin. This means that Red Bull will have to say goodbye to Aston Martin. Starting in 2021, the British brand will be connected to the Racing Point team. Hopefully this will be accompanied by another (read: nicer) livery. In any case, the team will not drive for a long time with the name BWT Racing Point.

The Racing Point cars will still be driven by son Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez. Last year, Perez finished in tenth place in the drivers classification, while Stroll Jr. had to settle for fifteenth place. In the constructors classification the team finished in seventh place. So there is plenty of room for the Stroll team to show improvement this year.


  1. drive to the left says

    Hope they can get a little bit in the middle bracket, the more souls the more joy

  2. porker says

    This remains quite ugly. Call me a fossil but pink on a macho F1: brrrrr

    • rob5nismo says

      @porker: I thought Hulkenberg’s reaction was funny at the time when they were driving with that pink

    • sparklausenburg says

      @porker: Pink used to be seen as a man’s color, but only in the last 100 years has a shift occurred that pink would be a girl’s color.
      So we can de facto state that Racing Point is a very conservative F1 team!

  3. Soulmaster says

    The color of Knights ..

      • awesome says

        @ghost: peukuh rokuh fool!
        Check you later, Homies for life.

  4. awesome says

    I think the pink is cool. They stand out in the (previously) colorless F1 field.



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