This is what Lewis Hamilton has to do to become champion

Hamilton champion

The Turkish GP promises to be an interesting race, not least because of the championship. This is what Lewis Hamilton has to do to become champion.

Today the GP of Turkey planned. First a small reminder: the race starts at 11:00! Legend has it that our F1 editor @jaapiyo this afternoon is going to visit his grandmother and with Uncle Chase and Uncle Recep has been able to arrange for the circus to start a little earlier. This way our Jaap is on time at the Bosche Bollen can.

Exciting race

The race is going to be an exciting one anyway. Because there are a few things different than usual. For example, Lance Stroll is on pole position. Yes, the Racing Points did very well in the rain, Perez was third. Max Verstappen is in between. In any case, it will be very exciting at the start.

Hamilton champion

But so many things are happening. Alexander Albon is still under pressure. The distance to teammate Verstappen was not too bad this weekend. Many eyes will be on the Thai-British driver, because he is actually racing in borrowed time. But most importantly, Lewis Hamilton can take his seventh world title and thus level up with Michael Schumacher.

This is what Hamilton has to do to become champion

Lewis Hamilton has a hand at making a mess of it at the first opportunity to become world champion. It seems like that again today, because the record driver starts from only P6, while he normally has a subscription to the front row.

But the chances of Lewis Hamilton becoming world champion are in Turkey, depends mainly on his teammate Valtteri Bottas. Because the chances are that it will be a chaotic race, we will go through all possible scenarios with you!

Scenarios for Hamilton to become champion:

  1. Bottas wins the race and sets the fastest lap
    Then the race will be decided at the next GP (Bahrain)
  2. Bottas wins the race, Lewis is second
    Hamilton is champion
  3. Bottas comes in second, but sets the fastest lap
    Lewis Hamilton must be at least fourth
  4. Bottas comes in second
    Hamilton must be fourth, or fifth with the fastest lap
  5. Bottas comes in third and sets the fastest lap
    Hamilton must be at least fifth
  6. Bottas comes in third
    Lewis must finish at least sixth
  7. Bottas finishes fourth, but sets the fastest lap
    Lewis must be at least seventh
  8. Bottas finishes fourth
    Hamilton must finish eighth (with fastest lap) or seventh (without)
  9. Bottas finishes fifth, but takes the fastest lap
    Hamilton must take at least P8
  10. Bottas comes in fifth
    Hamilton must take ninth position on the fastest lap (or eighth position)
  11. Bottas finishes sixth, but takes the fastest lap
    Hamilton has to take ninth place
  12. Bottas finishes sixth, but does NOT take the fastest lap
    Hamilton must take at least 1 point (P10)
  13. Bottas comes seventh or lower
    Doesn’t matter what Hamilton does, he is champion.
Hamilton champion

Again: the race starts today at 11:00 AM!


  1. benja01 says

    It’s not that difficult, he just needs to finish in front of bottas and the team will take care of that too. Ham will be champion today, as long as he doesn’t crash. The race itself becomes more exciting than whether ham becomes champion.

  2. cdlop01 says

    That this kneeling gentleman has no problems racing in Erdogan’s Turkey…. .


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