This is what the Aston Martin DBX should have looked like

The rear of the Aston Martin DBX was begging for cosmetic surgery. That is why we have taken up our digital scalpel.

As a sports car brand it is not always easy to keep your head above water. This is all the more true for British sports car brands. What do you do in 2020 if you want more income as a sports car manufacturer? That’s right, then you put an SUV on the market. That was precisely the reason that Aston Martin came up with the DBX.

Tricky job

When it comes to design, Aston Martin has a reputation to uphold. After all, they have some of the finest designs in history to their credit. By releasing an SUV, they ran the risk of ruining this image. It is a difficult job to successfully transfer a design language from sports cars (and sedans) to an SUV. Maserati proved that this is indeed possible with the Levante, Alfa Romeo with the Stelvio and Jaguar with the F-Pace.


When seeing the first photo of the front, Aston Martin also seemed to be able to be added to this list (although opinions differed). In any case, the distinctive Aston Martin front was fairly successfully transferred to the DBX. The overall proportions were also okay. Unfortunately, the designers had seriously missed one point: they gave the DBX not only a sports car nose but also a sports car rear. Including ducktail. That hardly ever works out well on an SUV and this was no exception.


To solve this problem, we have just added Photoshop. Thus, the DBX you see here has been expertly – if we say so ourselves – stripped of its ducktail. It may be that the new rear lights are familiar to Aston Martin connoisseurs among us. They come from the unsurpassed Lagonda Taraf. There is a thought behind this: if you only remove the ducktail and leave the rear lights intact, the rear will look a little too much like a Macan. To distinguish the DBX from its competitors, we therefore borrowed from the Lagonda.


The front of the DBX was less in need of a makeover, but now that we were at it, we immediately addressed that. Again we resorted to the Lagonda for this. The big advantage is that this car has robust proportions. Such a design lends itself much better to implementation on an SUV than the design of a sports car.

Ultimately, design remains a subjective subject, so just say: was this makeover of the Aston Martin DBX a success? Or do you prefer to stick to the original?


  1. heartofsteel says

    To do! 100% improvement, especially the front.

    • grrrrommmmm says

      Why would you want to stick a CX5 nose on an Aston Martin?

      • heartofsteel says

        Then why did they put an Aston Martin nose on a CX-5?

  2. amghans says

    Perhaps less immediately recognizable as an Aston Martin because of the more generic lines. But I think this render is a lot nicer than the actual version. So do.

  3. reactive says

    Nice article. And nicely done.

    That ducktail is indeed the weak point of the design. Choose a dark color and it will fade a bit, but your design will do surprisingly well. I prefer the front to be original!

    Regarding the other SUVs that have succeeded .. That you named the Levante is incomprehensible … haha ​​.. what an unsightly thing. And with the Stevio, the rear is not very strong either. The F-Pace is my favorite, it’s just about perfect.

    • driving on the left says

      @reactive: I think the F-pace already looks very dated, it is really time for a new one

  4. criss-cross says

    Take a characteristic SUV and make an anonymous version of it (from behind). No, just give me the original. Also for the front by the way.


  5. dirkv says

    Certainly an improvement, but less recognizable Aston Martin than the original.
    And that’s what it’s all about.
    Even though the original looks a bit frumpy, that is.

  6. marcovdongen says

    Such a facelift would certainly do him good!

  7. alfalfa says

    Tonal leads the way!

  8. japhy says

    Hey! A Dacia Spring ..

  9. sntial says

    Levante? Nope. Stelvio? Nope. F-Pace? Nope!

  10. potjak says

    Man man man, all recognisability has been removed. This is really not an improvement and those oversized rims can be under the first 10 year old Golf, perhaps a 10 year old Tiguan is even better.



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