This is why the RR Shooting Brake’s butt has a hunchback

Side view of the Rolls-Royce Silver Specter Shooting Brake, hunchback

That hump in the tailgate of the Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake is not just there.

Opinions are quite divided. From ‘beautiful’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘cool’, to ‘yikes’ and ‘how ugly’. No, we are not talking about the new BMW 4 Series, but about the Rolls-Royce Silver Specter Shooting Brake. The latest creation by Niels van Roij provides positive and negative reactions, whereby those negative reactions are partly related to the tailgate. There is talk of a ‘hunchback’ in the butt of this Rolls-Royce. On Friday, Van Roij was a guest at the BNR National Auto Show, to explain his design and the design process.

To start with that hunchback: it is conscious. This must refer to the ‘bustle backs’ that cars used to have, where the suitcases could be stored. With that ‘hump’ in the Shooting Brake, Van Roij wants to refer to the past of Rolls-Royce. According to the Dutch designer, this Shooting Brake is therefore a ‘threebox shooting brake’, in which the nose, the passenger compartment and the hunchback are the three boxes. To stay with the rear of the Rolls-Royce; Van Roij says he has put a lot of time, research and effort into this.

In our trunk investigation, we didn’t find anything interesting. They are always square, have a relatively cheap carpet … Nothing happens, as if it were a separate part of the car. Especially in a Shooting Brake, the trunk is important, because your suitcases and guns have to be in it.

Niels van Roij

That is why Van Roij uses a lot of leather in the trunk, where everything is ‘double curved’ in terms of design. There is no straight line in it, even the metal strips are slightly curved towards the center. Except for the middle strip, then.

Van Roij will sell seven Rolls-Royce Silver Specter Shooting Brake, one of which has already been produced. An asking price has never been mentioned, but he cannot name it either. Every buyer wants different materials, so according to the designer there is no single price.

Further in this episode of the BNR Nationale Autoshow: Spokesperson of Tesla Claim Foundation explains what they want to achieve with their foundation. And Meindert drives the new Mercedes E-Class Estate.


  1. moveyourmind says

    Classy Rose Rolls.

  2. jasbelle says

    Taste is subjective, but I think that hump is a great shame. A quieter, conventional tailgate would have suited this much better in my opinion.

  3. c-ad says

    Mr. Van Roij does not feel like defending the asking price, but there will probably be a basic price, right?

  4. JaguarV12 says

    Very cool


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