This must be the new fastest car in the world

Aussie Invader 5R

This device is intended to go 1,609.34 km / h. At least.

The record for production cars is shattered at every turn, but the world record for the fastest car at all is a different story. The current record dates back to 1997.

Sound barrier

At the time, a speed of 1223.66 km / h was reached with the ThrustSSC. The car thus lives up to its name Super Sonic Car. In addition to the world record, the ThrustSSC also broke the sound barrier as the first land vehicle. The man behind the wheel was RAF pilot Andy Green.


Records are there to be broken, so there are parties that like to surpass the masterpiece of the ThrustSSC. The also British Bloodhound, for example, has been working on this since 2008. It just failed to break the record and Bloodhound also ran into financial difficulties. The Bloodhound LSR is therefore currently for sale.

Jessi Combs

Sore for the people behind Bloodhound Project, but it could be worse. The North American Eagle Project ended in death. Jessi Combs crashed in a record attempt in 2019 and was killed in the process. She did become the fastest woman in the world posthumously, for what it is worth.


The fact that it is a dangerous hobby does not prevent new candidates from also taking a shot at the world record. This time it is the Australians who want to give it a try. The driving force behind the project is Rosco McGlashan, who currently already holds the Australian speed record. Yes, that’s one thing. He also drove 407 km / h in a kart with a rocket drive. Anyway, he has balls.

Aussie Invader 5R

The car – or rather, the rocket on wheels – that should do it all is the Aussie Invader 5R. This 16 meter long colossus has a rocket motor that is good for more than 28 tons of thrust. That is the equivalent of about 200,000 (!) Horsepower. Breaking the existing record is not enough, McGlashan has aimed his arrows at 1,609.34 km / h. In other words: he wants to break the magical 1000 mph limit.

Record attempt

The Australian has been working on the Aussie Invader5R since 2009, but now the car is finally nearing completion. McGlashan has indicated that he wants to make a record attempt next year. Let’s hope that his life’s work will not be destroyed in one fell swoop, or worse.

Through: Car Advice

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