This Porsche Taycan is for the prosperous hippie

This unique Taycan Art Car with Flower Power theme will be auctioned soon.

Who says hippie, of course says Volkswagen T1. A Porsche seems to fit less with the ideas of the hippies, but the Taycan is in any case still electric. That suits hippies again.

Of course we will not start about hippies because it concerns an EV, but because of the gear of this Taycan 4S. This specimen has not stopped by the local wrap farmer, no, there is more to it. This is namely a Taycan Art Car. This Porsche has thus been officially elevated to an art object.

The project is a collaboration between Porsche Switzerland and the American artist Richard Phillips. It seems that the artist finished it off with a jantje-van-lead. He simply took a painting from 2010 and stuck it on the car.

  • Porsche Taycan Art Car
  • Porsche Taycan Art Car
  • Porsche Taycan Art Car
  • Porsche Taycan Art Car
  • Porsche Taycan Art Car
  • Porsche Taycan Art Car

It would be special if he had painted the artwork by hand, but that is not the case either. The artwork is in fact “printed on vinyl and then applied with hairdryers”. In other words, it’s just an ordinary wrap.

Yet it is the intention that the car will be worth more from this hippie wrap. The Taycan Art Car will be auctioned next month by the renowned auction house RM Sotheby’s. Normally they probably turn their nose up there for wrapped cars, but for this Art Car they make an exception.

The proceeds are for a good cause, or at least a cause. The money goes to an organization that supports Swiss artists. We often do not think about it as spoiled Dutch, but Swiss artists also have a hard time in these times.

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  1. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Nice initiative iig! It is not my personal taste, but it will be worth more. Incidentally, due to the increased delivery time on the Taycan due to its popularity, 5-6,000 Pounds are already being outbid on a Built Slot, production site, in UK…


    • Pascal says

      I think it’s a nice wrap for you Charles! How many Taycans are available for the UK? That seems to me valuable information to be able to assess whether overbids are special or not real;)

  2. yippee says

    The first Porsche driving hippie has yet to be born.

  3. moveyourmind says

    I don’t know …

    Looks a little too much like my mother-in-law’s bathing suit.


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