This Rolls-Royce Phantom shows you stars everywhere

Phantom Tempus Collection

We know the starry sky, but in the Phantom Tempus Collection, Rolls-Royce really scatters with stars.

If a car is an example of pure luxury, it is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. There is actually not a single car that comes close, especially now that the Mulsanne is out of production. There is still the Maybach S-class, but an extended S-class is not the same as a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

With the help of the Bespoke department you can personalize the Phantom to infinity. For example, you can go for the now well-known starry sky, or as Rolls-Royce calls it: the Starlight Headliner. Call it art, call it kitsch, at least it’s something special with more than 1,000 lights. This starry sky can also be completely adapted to personal wishes.

Such a starry sky is nice, but we have already seen it often. Rolls-Royce now takes the astronomical theme a little further. The brand introduces the Phantom ‘Tempus Collection’. These Phantoms distinguish themselves with an extra special starry sky and star doors.

  • Phantom Tempus Collection
  • Phantom Tempus Collection
  • Phantom Tempus Collection

This starry sky is not the starry sky that we see above our heads as ordinary mortals, but a starry sky with a so-called pulsar. For those interested: a pulsar is a star that emits electromagnetic radiation at a regular frequency. That might not make you any wiser, but it is also fairly irrelevant.

As if the starry sky wasn’t enough, the doors are also full of illuminated holes. That makes it a very busy affair. In any case, you will get into the Christmas mood in time with this car.

Of course Rolls-Royce has also made something special from The Gallery (the ‘showcase’ in the dashboard). It contains 100 bars, which create a wavy effect. What you see in photo 2 at first glance looks like an iPad with a nice wallpaper, but in reality it is a table with a hand-painted pulsar.

Compared to the gaudy interior, the exterior is quite understated. Especially with the Justin Bieber’s Rolls in mind. The color Kairos Blue is therefore no less beautiful. Here too the theme returns: this lacquer has a glitter effect, which should again be reminiscent of the stars. Rolls-Royce builds twenty pieces of the Phantom Tempus Collection. Prices are unknown, but they will undoubtedly be astronomical.

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  1. dutchdriftking says

    I am not a fan of the brand, but this version is still very nice!

  2. mashell says

    Pay extra for stains in the ceiling… It shouldn’t get any crazier.

  3. JanJansen says

    A Rolls should be understated extravagant. That worked.

  4. piet says

    This is again aimed at the markets in the Middle and Far East, where people have a tad different taste. It should shine and glitter a bit more there. They also often have a completely different sense of color there. To me it comes across as kitschy, But yes, who am I, at least not a customer of RR.


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