This way you can install, manage and remove Safari extensions on your Mac

New update in Big Sur

Safari extensions add extra functions to the Safari web browser. Learn how to install, update and remove extensions here.

Safari extensions

Safari extensions allow you to extend the web browser on Mac with all kinds of functions. Extensions offer all kinds of possibilities, from easily entering passwords to bookmarking pages. External developers can also create all kinds of extensions.

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Safari extensions in Big Sur: this is new

Since macOS Big Sur, extensions in Safari have been given a new lease of life. Extensions have never been very popular in this browser compared to Google Chrome. That’s why Apple has made it easier for developers to port Chrome extensions to Safari in the new macOS. So you will find more and more Chrome extensions in Safari.

Furthermore, extensions can perform many more tasks since macOS Big Sur. Apple has made it possible for developers to use more programming languages, such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The extensions are now only available for download from the Mac App Store. The old gallery will also redirect you to the app store.

Because you may not want extensions to see all of your browsing habits, Apple lets you choose which extensions can access which sites. Check out what else is new in Safari for macOS Big Sur in our article.

Safari extensions for new features

Apple’s Safari browser already has several functions built in that make Safari more than a web browser, such as the Keychain and displaying notifications. Extensions allow you to expand this further, for example by showing useful information about a web page or by helping with frequently used actions. In this way you will discover new ways to make the internet more fun and efficient. An example is Grammarly, which improves your English spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Which extensions are fun to try? We have a list of 8 useful Safari extensions that you should definitely try.

Install Safari Extensions

It hardly takes any effort to install a new Safari extension. You can find them in the Mac App Store. These are extensions that have been verified by Apple to make sure they are safe. All Safari extensions you install from the Mac App Store are automatically updated.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac.
  2. Go to Safari> Safari Extensions.
  3. Choose the extension you want to install and click Download. If the extension and accompanying app costs money, click on the price.
  4. After downloading, open Safari again and go to preferences with CMD +, (comma) or via Safari> Preferences.
  5. Open the Extensions tab and check the extension.

Safari extensions in Mac App Store

Your extensions are automatically updated through the Mac App Store. There you can also update them manually if possible. You can find updates in the menu on the left in the Mac App Store.

Install Safari extensions manually

You can also download Safari extensions from the developer themselves. These have not been verified by Apple, so you will need to be more careful about trusting the developer. If you download such an extension, you will get a file ending in .safariextz. Double-click this file to install the extension. These extensions are not hosted by Apple and you will have to update them manually.

Also, since macOS Mojave, you will encounter an error message as shown below. With this trick you can still get the extension working, but of course you run a risk. The extension has not been checked for malicious behavior by Apple, so only use extensions from trusted parties.

Safari extensions unsafe

Disable and remove Safari extensions

If you no longer want to use a particular extension, you can also disable it or remove it completely:

  1. In the Safari browser, go to Safari> Preferences> Extensions.
  2. Choose the extension you want to disable or remove.
  3. Uncheck the extension in the left column. The extension will then no longer be used.
  4. If you want to remove the extension completely, choose it and right click Remove installation.
  5. Some extensions require you to remove the app from Finder. The previous step refers you to the correct location.

Extensions in Safari 14 Big Sur

Did you know that since macOS Big Sur you can also set a wallpaper for Safari? That gives a personal touch to your browser. Very nice for one of your most important apps. You can read how to set it up in our tip.


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