This way you can set the preferred language for individual apps

Would you prefer your favorite app in English or another language? In iOS 13 you set the language of the apps yourself. This way you can adjust the preferred language of your favorite apps.

Set language per app

Some apps offer an option to choose a different language in their own settings. Apps that don’t usually rely on your language option set in your system settings. Since iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can determine the chosen language yourself, directly via the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t work with every app, but it works with Mail, Stocks, Calendar, Notes and Reminders, for example.

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Adjust language of apps

Choosing another language from your favorite app is a piece of cake. All you have to do is the following:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings app.
  2. First make sure that you have added an extra language as a keyboard, for example English. Go to General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add keyboard.
  3. Go back to the first screen of the Settings app. Then scroll down until you reach the list of apps.
  4. Choose the app for which you want to change the language.
  5. Under the cup Preferred Language tap the button Language.
  6. Now choose one of the available languages.
  7. The app is now displayed in the selected language.

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Set language per app

Choosing your preferred language per app works with some standard apps as well as some apps from third-party developers. There are, however, exceptions.

It is not possible to change the language of several standard apps, including Contacts, Messages and Phone. For apps from the App Store, the available languages ​​depend on the language that the developer has added to the app. For example, if Dutch has not been added, but German and English are, then those are your only options. Also keep in mind that the effect of the change differs per app.

Don’t see the option through the default Settings app? Then check the settings of the app itself whether a language option is built in.

More tips about language settings

We have even more tips about keyboards and language settings on your iPhone and iPad:

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  • Google Translate for iPhone: Get more from Google’s translation service
  • Foreign language set on iPhone or iPad? This is how you go back to Dutch!
  • Install alternative keyboards on iPhone and iPad


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This way you can set the preferred language for individual apps

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