This way you limit the use of children ‘Netflix in 5 ways

Netflix has various functions for children and their parents. With a child lock you prevent children from watching scary series, you can block specific titles and you can clearly see if a film contains violence, for example. Of course you can also simply create a child’s account. In this article we will explore the options.

Netflix for children

Do you have children? Then you will have noticed that Netflix can be quite addictive to them. Before you know it, children stay on the couch for hours and watch one episode watch the other. Or something that children also love: always rewind to see that one beloved fragment again. What you might also be concerned about is whether some (violent) series are suitable for children. Fortunately, you can do something about it with the following measures:

  • Children’s profile
  • Child lock
  • Block movies
  • Play automatically
  • Age warning

# 1 Netflix child profile

You can create as many profiles as you want in Netflix. When creating a new profile for children, you can immediately indicate that it is intended for children. Only child-friendly content will then be shown when browsing for the offer. These are mainly cartoons.

Add Netflix child profile

# 2 Netflix content with PIN code

If you do not want to create a child profile, you can still block access to certain films and series. As the administrator of the account you can set a pin code and indicate which age limit is appropriate. You can choose from four levels: Toddlers & Preschoolers, Older Children, Teens and Adults. This is related to the age limits that are used for this, namely up to 6 years, from 6-9 years, 12+ and 16+. If the pin code is disabled, all content is available without a pin code.

When using the pin code, a user will first have to enter the 4-digit code before you can watch films that are, for example, 12+. The code applies to all users on the same account.

Netflix child lock PIN code

This Netflix child lock can be found in the settings menu:

  1. Go to your personal account on the desktop.
  2. Click in the top right on the downward pointing arrow and then on Account.
  3. click on Parental supervision.
  4. You will first have to enter your account password.
  5. You see a suggestion for the pin code. Change this if necessary.
  6. Choose which age category you want.

Netflix pin code

If you are looking for a general time slot for children, you can read more about it in the tip below:

# 3 Block specific movies and series

Is everyone in the class talking about that one violent series? Or is there a film discussing themes that your children should not see? Every parent has different standards as to which Netflix content is suitable for children of a certain age. Moreover, as a parent you may want to take into account existing fears of a child, such as fear of spiders or clowns. To prevent your child from being confronted with such films, you can indicate exactly which films are prohibited.

You also enter this on the screen above. Once you have entered a pin code you can enter all kinds of film titles in a search box and indicate that you want to block this specifically.

# 4 Preventing automatic playback

Another measure that you can take is to stop the automatic playback of Netflix content. This prevents your children from getting stuck after every episode and therefore no longer getting to do their homework or play. You can also prevent playing previews of series, which reduces the chance that your children will see inappropriate content.

# 5 Age warning at the start

At the start of a film or series, Netflix clearly shows which age group it is suitable for. As a result, you can see faster whether there is violence and whether there is cursing. This info was always available, but not very clear. You had to look for it yourself. By showing it more clearly at the start, you know exactly what to expect, so that you will not be embarrassed if a younger family member is watching.

Scary movies on Netflix

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