This way you prevent iCloud Photo Library from using mobile data (4G)

iCloud Photo Library synchronizes via Wi-Fi and 4G, so that your data bundle is used up faster. In this tip, we explain how to turn off syncing of photos via 4G.

Limit iCloud Photo Library data usage

With iCloud Photo Library, you can make sure all the photos you take are available on iCloud and on all your devices. iCloud Photo Library also works via your mobile data connection (3G, 4G and 5G) and that can cause your data bundle to go unnoticed.

  • Data usage
  • Switch off

iCloud Photo Library uses 4G data

The iCloud Photo Library ensures that you have all photos available on all devices. In iOS 10 and earlier, syncing only worked if you connected to a Wi-Fi network and the device was connected to a power source. Since iOS 11, this is no longer the case: synchronization therefore works via your 3G / 4G / 5G connection. This can cause unwanted data traffic, which means that your data bundle is used up faster.

Apple has probably chosen this new method because data bundles are getting bigger and bigger, so you don’t really have to pay attention anymore. Still, it can make sense to keep an eye on your data usage and one of the measures could be to disable syncing of iCloud Photo Library via your mobile provider. This is therefore only necessary if you are using iOS 11 or later.

Turn off iCloud Photo Library Sync over 4G

To turn off 4G syncing, take the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Mobile network.
  3. Turn on the switch photos from.

iCloud Photo Library data usage

Synchronizing photos now only takes place via Wi-Fi. Changes to your iCloud Photo Library therefore only take place when you are close to a suitable wireless network.

If you do want to leave the feature on, consider whether or not you want to adjust the switch Unlimited Updates want to leave it on. Apple warns that it can cost a lot of data.

iCloud Photo Library is an optional feature that uses your precious iCloud storage space. There are other ways to have your photos available on any device, such as saving them on Dropbox or syncing with Google Photos. The latter service does have an impact on the quality of your photos, but when it comes to sloppy snapshots, it probably doesn’t matter much.

Read more about Backup photos on your iPhone and iPad in the tip below.


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