This way you will find your Tesla Model 3 at the charging station

Tesla Model 3 Startech

Startech gives the Tesla Model 3 a striking body kit.

Being popular also has its drawbacks. In the case of the Tesla Model 3 one of the potential problems is the fact that yours is indistinguishable from that of the neighbor. The limited color gamut and especially few visual improvements.


So you have to get started yourself, or make some modifications with the help of a third party. A wrap can make all the right distinction, or a subtle body kit. Those who want to go the extra mile for their Tesla Model 3 can start at Startech from soon.

Stand out

Startech does not keep their vision of the Tesla Model 3 subtle. The lack of grille is solved by installing a Lamborghini-like bumper. On the side there are some extra frills on the side skirts, because of aerodynamics. At the back, the larger diffuser is sprayed with the paint, there is a real F1 style rain light in the bumper and a large spoiler is mounted. The spoiler also runs across the side, almost to the door. The rims are also cool Startech units.

Tesla Model 3 lightbar


The Startech Tesla Model 3 also follows the current trend of continuous rear lights. That looks a bit like someone ordered a light bar on AliExpress and mounted it themselves. Startech also removes the Tesla logos and that is not necessarily the case. Finally, the stance of the car is enhanced by a set of springs. That also helps with the range, by the way.

Prices can be ordered separately per part, the total comes to around 6,500 euros. You can order on the Startech site.


  1. wimof says

    Does the original bumper stay that way better, and do they have to adapt their kits to the varying quality of the bodybuilders?

    • moveyourmind says

      I bet that bumper has fallen off before the ID-3 is in the showroom for the first time at the Volkswagendealer…

      But yes, in those twenty years, such a lot of things can happen.

  2. faster than an audi says

    The front still looks reasonable, but the back … yuck

  3. brown worker says

    You can distinguish yourself between the floss account managers and the directors. Not seen me, get a Model X and they’ll know who they’re dealing with.


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