This week’s 4 best iPhone apps and games (#35 – 2021)

Every week we show you the four best apps and games that should not be missing on your iPhone. This time we will get on our bicycles and visit the fairytale world of Baldo.

1. Baldo

Baldo is a new game on Apple Arcade and is free to download with a subscription. The game looks beautiful and most resembles a title from Studio Ghibli (the makers of the beautiful animation film My Neighbor Totoro).

However, not everything is equally well thought out. For example, it is not always clear what the intention is or you sometimes get stuck in the background. Hopefully that will be fixed in a future patch. Despite that, Baldo is a fun game that you should definitely try!

2. Flarts

Flarts (or Flying Darts) is a game that resembles the popular Angry Birds series. In the game you throw a dart at a target. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Were it not that you still have to adjust the arrow after throwing. You do this by tapping your finger on the screen. Think of the mechanics behind Flappy Bird.


The better you aim, the more coins you earn. This will unlock new levels. You also have to hit the necessary pinatas before you start the next level. Flarts is fun and starts out easy, but quickly becomes quite tricky.

3. Bikemap – Cycling map & GPS

Cycling is in our DNA, so an app with which you can map out fun routes is always welcome. Bikemap has been available in the App Store for a while, but with the new update, the app has become a lot faster.

best iPhone apps week 35: Bikemap

As with Waze, all users have the option to report problems or incidents on the routes, so that you are never faced with surprises along the way. So hop! Get on your bike and go for a ride. Nothing stands in your way now!

4. 32 Secs: City Trials

In the game 32 Secs: City Trials you drive a futuristic motorcycle on a highway. 32 Secs is not your standard try-to-get-as-far-as-you-go game. After choosing a mission, you get an assignment. For example, you have to hack other cars, by driving behind them or collecting a certain number of coins.

32 Secs: City Trials

In addition, you also earn nitro, to drive faster. You get this boost by, for example, zooming right past the other traffic. But keep an eye out, because a crash can happen in no time!

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