This will take you to the BIOS on your Windows 10 computer

Nowadays computers start up so quickly that you are running out of time to get into the BIOS, while the menu is still very useful for configuring your PC. How can you get into the BIOS quickly? We will explain it to you in this article.

The BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) is a menu of your computer in which you can configure system settings of your laptop or PC. Consider, for example, the system time or the boot sequence (CD-ROM, USB, disk, etc.). How you get to this menu differs per manufacturer. Before Windows 10 starts you have to press a key, often that is Del, F8 or F12.

Computers have gotten a lot faster over the years, and the time has passed when you could take a shower, so to speak, before Windows started. Traditionally, you had to press a certain key during the startup of your computer (before Windows was loaded) to enter the BIOS. Nowadays starting up is even so fast that it is not always possible to press the key in time.

You probably don’t feel like rebooting your computer endlessly in the hope that you might be just fast enough next time. Fortunately, you can assume Windows 10 set your computer to automatically boot to BIOS right away.


In the BIOS of your computer you can adjust a lot of settings of your computer that you cannot access from the operating system. The BIOS is software built into your computer’s motherboard, and it controls all kinds of things that happen before Windows loads, such as the boot order of your hard drives and other storage media, security options that precede the operating system loading, and so on.

Precisely because this is pre-boot software, you cannot load the BIOS directly from Windows. What you can do is adjust a setting in Windows 10 so that your computer will boot directly to the BIOS.

Boot to BIOS from Windows 10

Click on the start button and choose Settings. Go to Update and security and click in the left pane System recovery. Click below Advanced start-up options on Restart now. Then your computer will restart and you will be presented with the Windows 10 boot menu.

In this menu go to Troubleshooting / Advanced Options / UEFI Firmware Settings. click on Restart to restart your computer and go directly to the BIOS.

Update BIOS

With the program Speccy you can check which version of the BIOS you have running on your computer. Often it pays off to update your BIOS to the most recent version, if not already. Sometimes this fixes problems.


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