Toyota and Lexus: Semi-autonomous with Advance Drive in Japan

In Japan, the Toyota Mirai and Lexus LS are launched with a system known as Advance Drive. This means that the cars are largely able to move through traffic autonomously, although the driver still has a major role to play.

These are the recently launched second generation Toyota Mirai and the facelifted Lexus LS in Europe. These cars share one platform and now also get the scoop of Advance Drive together.

Advance Drive is a package of safety systems and driving aids that offers a number of well-known things, but here and there also goes a step further. Of course there is adaptive cruise control and an active lane assistant, which keeps the car neatly in the middle of the lane. On the highway, however, the Mirai and the LS can do more than that. For example, the cars can slow down themselves when it is time to zip and move independently to the edges of the lane if necessary to create more distance between the car and a large vehicle in the other lane.

Advance Drive can also change lanes independently, at least in part. The car registers that there is an opportunity to overtake or return to the slow lane and proposes that action to the driver. The driver must then confirm this proposal, as with comparable systems from Tesla and Mercedes-Benz, among others. It is also possible to propose a lane change yourself, using the direction indicator.

The driver must of course always remain attentive, which is determined by a camera aimed at the driver. To make the driving process safe, Toyota relies not only on sensors but also navigation data for this system. Map and other data is regularly updated via over-the-air updates, so Advance Drive is up to date in that respect too.

Nothing is yet known about the arrival of Advance Drive in other countries, but it is undoubtedly that it is eventually planned.

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