Toyota continues to make an affordable A-segmenter

Toyota continues to make an affordable A-segmenter

It will not be over when the curtain falls due to the Aygo. There will be a completely new A-segmenter from Toyota.

The collaboration between Peugeot, Citroën and Toyota was a brilliant move. At least for the Netherlands. There is a 107, C1 or an Aygo on every corner of the street. The collaboration was long-term and the three A-segment cars each received their own updates. Toyota has officially announced today that it wants to continue offering a low-cost A-segmenter.

And with that is the announcement here that there will be a successor for the Aygo. It will not be a fully electric car. Toyota says more or less that it is not feasible to make an affordable car for a large audience that is electric. So there will be a combustion engine in the Aygo successor and this is expected to be a three-cylinder engine.

  • Toyota a-segmenter
  • Toyota a-segmenter

Nothing is known about the appearance yet. The Japanese car manufacturer has only announced that the A-segment car will be on the GA-B platform. For example, the current Yaris is on this platform. The Yaris Cross, introduced later this year, will also be available on this platform.

It is not yet known when the Aygo successor will be presented. For now it has in any case been made clear that an A-segmenter for Toyota is important and that you can still shop in this segment with the Japanese in the coming years.

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  1. dalmore says

    A new a-segment bomb? That would be great!

  2. dutchdriftking says

    Well, I understand that electric is more expensive, but this is a typical car where electric propulsion adds something. The fuel engine is simply not spectacular, a range of 200km is more than sufficient, and the car drives in an urban area, so direct emissions are more important than indirect emissions. The car may be a bit expensive to buy, but a private lease construction including a ‘free’ charge card / pole can perhaps convince people. The price per month can perhaps be very interesting.


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