Toyota gives the Supra even more horsepower

Silver Toyota Supra

Toyota has managed to squeeze 42 hp from the six-cylinder engine. As a result, the Supra now sends 382 hp to the rear wheels and the 100 km / h is within 3.9 seconds in sight.

A top speed of 250 km / h, zero to one hundred in 4.3 seconds, 340 hp under your right foot. The Toyota Supra is anything but a snail. During his driving test Wouter said that with that powertrain you are just a little too fast at a speeding speed. But yes, nobody says no to extra horsepower, right?

With that in mind Toyota are tinkering on the BMW block. The 2021 Toyota GR Supra (which will be delivered in the US in June 2020) can now deliver 382 hp and 499 Nm of torque. For this, they have, among other things, adjusted the exhaust manifold and the pistons. Toyota expects the car to touch the 96 km / h within 3.9 seconds.

They also modified the chassis a little for the new model year, so the 2021 Supra should be more stable in double turns. Another nice upgrade: the standard 6.5-inch infotainment screen is gone, an 8.8-inch model has been replaced.

Was this the upgrade you were waiting for and will you go directly to the nearest Toyota dealer on Monday morning? Then we have bad news for you: the 382 hp Toyota Supra is not coming to Europe. The Japanese car manufacturer has told Piston Heads that the 382 horsepower engine does not comply with EU emission regulations. So for us, 340 horsepower remains the max in terms of horsepower. Of course we don’t have to expect the Z4 with more horsepower.

That is unfortunate, but that does not mean that there is nothing left for us. For example, AC Schnitzer can upgrade your Supra to 400 hp. And possibly an even hotter Supra is coming. Do you prefer a slower Supra? Then you can go to Toyota again, from next month there will be a four-cylinder available.

Photo: Toyota Supra from Veilance, via


  1. Volvo_440_Turbo says

    Do they not already give this by default? Just search YouTube … almost 380 hp I saw somewhere, in other words, with a bit of luck you now have 420 hp or something?

  2. rolov says

    This is crazy. The supra is already running 380 hp. So now they’re just really going to tell what he’s running without doing anything extra?

  3. mustang750 supernake says

    for my part give them em 1000hp …. does not match the old … in terms of looks …

  4. sander1980 says

    I keep finding it a wonderful thing … and 3.9 to 100 … man, that’s seriously fast!


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