Toyota Yaris scores five stars in crash test

Yaris also performs well in new test items

Toyota Yaris 2020

Toyota Yaris

The all-new Toyota Yaris has achieved all five stars in the crash test of the EuroNCAP safety institute, even though the requirements have become stricter and more extensive.

After a long corona stop, EuroNCAP publishes the results of the first crash test of 2020: that of the new, fourth generation Toyota Yaris. Thanks to good partial results across the board, this compact family car receives the maximum score of five stars.

It seems to surprise EuroNCAP itself. After all, the safety organization has increased and expanded the requirements for the maximum score. For example, the consequences of a side collision are now measured with two dummies on the ‘far-side’, the co-driver. After all, in such an accident – which accounts for about a quarter of all car accidents – the driver can get off the spot and bump into the co-driver, for example. The Toyota Yaris has two center airbags that inflate vertically between the occupants in a sideways crash to keep the passengers in place and protect them.

A new test is a test to investigate the crumple zones, in the scenario of the frontal collision where only part of the front of the cars comes into contact with each other. This represents the most common type of accident. The consequences for front and rear passengers are measured. As shown in the table below, the Yaris scores well on both (total) components. Finally, it will be nice for other road users to hear that the Yaris causes limited injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.

Toyota Yaris score in EuroNCAP crash test
safety of score percentage
adult occupants 86 percent
child occupants 81 percent
cyclists / pedestrians 78 percent
Safety Assist * 85 percent
Total score *****

* presence of security systems

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