Toyota’s home tuner makes the Mirai even cooler

The Mirai doesn’t look that bad in its second appearance, but Toyota Modellista makes an effort to make it even cooler.

Well, hydrogen. One person thinks that electric is the future and that it will stay that way, but there are still many people who see the benefit of hydrogen and want to get rid of that whole electrical hype. In theory it sounds so nice: ‘you fill up with water’ and we have enough in the world. You can also achieve a large action radius much easier.

Hooks and eyes

However, if you land with both feet on the ground again, you will encounter some problems. Hydrogen is not water, but a processed substance based on water. It is highly flammable, so explosions with hydrogen can also happen. Well, both of these sounds like gasoline drawbacks that don’t bother anyone. But as Volvo said: hydrogen is jerky. Hydrogen has two much bigger problems. Firstly: in terms of infrastructure, investments have not been made as much as electric driving. You can refuel in exactly five places in the Netherlands. Then you suddenly realize that a small country can be quite large.

Toyota Mirai

And second, there are the cars themselves. In the Netherlands there are two: the Hyundai NEXO and the Toyota Mirai, the hydrogen equivalents of a Tucson and a Prius. However, it is much more expensive to purchase a NEXO / Mirai than a Tucson / Prius, both cost well over 70,000 euros with the Mirai even at 85,000 euros. You can also buy a well-dressed Mercedes E-Class for that. And then another disadvantage that many car fanatics had: especially that Toyota Mirai, it is not really beautiful.

Attempt two

All that just for an introduction, because as we all know Toyota has equipped the Mirai with a better body. From a Prius with controversial styling cues to a kind of hydrogen-powered Camry. Really not bad and a lot cooler than that original Toyota Mirai. But it can be even cooler.


If you want to make a Toyota cooler, you can go to several places from Toyota itself. Toyota Racing Development (TRD) for example, or more recently of course Gazoo Racing (GR). These are usually cars under a sports label. If embellishment is your thing, you have to go to Modellista. They have a rather unique style in terms of body kits, but if that’s your thing: the Toyota Mirai is now available with a Modellista body kit.


The Toyota Mirai by Modellista is relatively subtle. Normally, the thick body kits of the Toyota home tuner immediately catch the eye, but these are small changes. Anyway, you have to have an eye for detail. The bumpers are slightly lower to the ground all around and have chrome styling elements. If that’s not enough, you also get stylized mirror caps and door handles. Nothing is done with the rims and that also means that the ‘stance’ is the same. The undersigned is not a fan of wheels that dive a little too far into the wheel arch, but well, personally. It’s all optical, Modellista does not interfere with the Toyota Mirai’s performance.

Does hydrogen finally have the ‘cool’ it needs? Or would you rather wait for what could become a Toyota GR Mirai instead of this Modellista?


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Toyota’s home tuner makes the Mirai even cooler

The Mirai doesn't look that bad in its second appearance, but Toyota Modellista makes an effort to make it even cooler. Well, hydrogen. One...

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